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Nintendo 64 Nintendo GameCube Nintendo Wii Controls
A button A button A button Confirm Selection / Jump and Flutter
B button B button B button Undo Selection / Lick / Exit Egg
B button+Neutral control B button+Neutral control B button+Neutral lstick Yoshi can stick his tongue in any direction by tilting the stick while pressing the lick button.
L button Z button Zl button, Zr button Toggle Fruit Frame
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Resize Fruit Frame
R button R button R button Smell
Z button L button,X button,Y button,Neutral cstick L button,X button,Y button,Neutral rstick Shoot Eggs
Left control/Right control Left control/Right control Left lstick/Right lstick Move Left and Right
Up control Up control Up lstick Look Up
Down control Down control Down lstick Crouch / Ground Pound (While in the air)
Neutral control Neutral control Neutral lstick While you're in an egg, tilt all the way in any direction and release to go flying in the opposite direction.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Scoop Lick[edit]

Start licking, push your control stick in the direction you are facing, and roll it around the edge to the down position. If you do this fast enough, Yoshi's tongue will be fully extended and pointing downward. Use this technique to reach underneath the edges of platforms. It also works well in Treasure Hunt to reach the areas with shy-guys that yoshis can't otherwise reach.