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Early consoles[edit]

Action Famicom Sega Master System TurboGrafx-CD
Adol's Movement Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad
Accept selection A button 2 button I button
Cancel selection B button 1 button II button
Use item B button 1 button II button
Pause game Start button Pause button n/a
Access menu Select button 2 button Select button


Action Eternal/Complete Chronicles (PC left handed) Chronicles (PC right handed) Chronicles (PSP)
Adol's Movement  ↑  ↓   ↑  ↓  WASD Neutral dpad
Walk Configurable Z / Circle button
Accept selection Enter X . Cross button
Cancel selection Esc Z / Circle button
Use item Enter C _ Triangle button
Switch Ring n/a S [ R1 button
Access menu Esc Esc Shift(right) Start button
Toggle status display S Tab Tab Select button