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Box artwork for ZeldereX Online.
ZeldereX Online
Year released2004
System(s)Web browser
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ZeldereX Online is a futuristic-styled online strategy MMO text-based game where players interact with each other and compete to be #1. There are 3 servers to choose from, called "Worlds," each with its own style of play.

  • World 1: Classic world where attacking is the primary source of income, no longer updated.
  • World 2: New version with new features added every 6 months. More in-depth and varied than World 1, but a lot of the time slower. Any number of play styles work here from relaxed to active.
  • World 3: New version Test Server. Receives updates when they are completed to test their practicality and functionality. Expect bugs and frequent resets (every 3 months at minimum).

Classic Zelderex[edit]

In World 1 you have one base that you build up. You buy oil-workers, merchants and engineers to manage your base and Footmen, Archers, Stavemen and Heroes to defend and attack. Money that is not in the bank is stealable on this world, so you have to spend it when you get it. A Popular way to make money is to stay online and wait for someone to withdraw their cash and steal it before they can use it.

The combat system is in the background with few clear details given. You can buy vehicles to help your army get to a battle. All battles are instantaneous. Grunts (Footmen, Stavemen and Archers) you buy must be placed on Defense or Offense and cannot change. Heroes can change between Offense and Defense. Heroes can also be equipped with various weapons and armor to improve their battle performance, along with experience earned by taking damage in battle.

New Zelderex[edit]

Worlds 2 and 3 are based off a new gameplay style that was released to the public in December 2007. It had been in development for about a year before that.

In this new system you can control multiple bases that can be seen on a map of the world. Income comes primarily from the economy you have set up in your bases, but can also come from stealing the resources of other players. Cash cannot be stolen in this version so you are allowed to be much more relaxed about playing the game.

The combat system is very open; you know exactly what is going on and can generally predict the outcome of a battle before going into it. Attacking takes place for the sake of clan wars as well as for attacking itself. There are four types of units; Land, Hovercraft and Aircraft, each with 20 levels and Defense Units with 9 levels. You can research and buy components to put onto the attacking units (Land, Hover and Air) which can do anything from increase attack damage to allow you to see what buildings an enemy has in their base.

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