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The map may be a bit confusing at first glance. With the visual aid below and a bit of reading you will master the nuances of navigating the map screen and base placement. The term the map is used to refer to the image below.

ZX Map1.jpg ZX Map2.jpg

The basics[edit]

To find the above screen, click the Exploration tab on the left menu bar. It will bring up the View Map page displaying the map. The map is divided into four large boxes consisting of several medium boxes which are filled with small boxes. At the top, bottom and sides are the points indicating north, south, east and west. To find a particular small box, X and Y values are used to designate a location. X runs west and east and Y runs north and south.

Getting used to X and Y[edit]

Metrols are the basic unit of measurement in the game, and each of the smallest squares in the grid represents one metrol. At the top of the map screen it says Explored with X and Y ranges below it. This shows which metrols have been explored. If none have been explored, click the Explore tab at the top next to the Colonize tab. On that page it is possible to explore the area around the home base which allows the discovery of other bases in the area and opens up more areas in which to place a new base. The yellow arrow on the map under South shows another set of X and Y values. These are the group of coordinates that are currently being displayed in the overall map box. The third listing of X and Y ranges is indicated by the blue arrow. Those numbers show which small boxes are currently inside the highlighted medium box shown in red here. The game map screen highlights the medium box with a tan color. Next to the screenshot is a blow up of the selected medium box. Each consists of 25 coordinates.

X and Y follow the characteristics of a normal graph. X gets smaller going to the west (negative) and larger going east (positive). Y gets larger going north (positive) and smaller going south (negative). Looking at the expanded red box, you will see the top left small box will be X:86, Y:0. The bottom right is X:90, Y:-4. And the center box would be X:88, Y:-2. With some practice, finding coordinates for a new base will not be a daunting task.


Once the requirements have been met, through researches and exploration, to build a new base start looking at where the new base should be placed. To place a base at the lower left of the example box locate the X and Y coordinates. In this case it would be X:86 Y:-4. It is always a good idea to write down the chosen coordinates so that they are correct when entered in the colonization screen. Also, when choosing a new location it cannot be too close to another base already placed on the map. If it is, a message will show the minimum distance away a new base can be placed. To colonize, click the Colonize tab next to the Explore tab. There it lists the costs of a new base and how far it should be from the home base. A base name can either be chosen by the player or randomly generated by clicking generate name. Once all the boxes are filled in, click Send Colonization Unit. Before long there will be many bases to manage, protect and possibly lose from attacks.