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The ZX video tutorial[edit]

This tutorial should be followed, even if you can get started without it. It is vital that you do this, as completing each part of the tutorial earns you money, giving you back the money you spend while building in the tutorial. In other words, you get free buildings!

Research Center[edit]

This building advances you in the game by allowing you to research in different areas, and should be purchased as soon as possible. Research lets you buy more advanced technology and buildings. A Research Center takes two hours to construct, so the faster you start construction the better. The next time you log on you can start upgrading it. Upgrading your Research Center will allow more research to be started such as Intelligence. Researching higher levels of Intelligence allows you to construct and manipulate more gameplay elements, like Mining Platforms and Ore Storages (for increasing income) and a Bombing Runway (for efficient building destruction).

If you can get online often enough to activate them, Mining Platforms are very efficient income generators. If you only log on once or twice a day, focus on the Trithium Refinery and Trithium Storage buildings.

Troops are overrated[edit]

Don't be an army nut! You can turn off the attack protection early, but few players do and most of those don’t attack after doing so. It is quite hard to turn a profit off units early in the round. To pay for themselves by successfully attacking and stealing 15% of available trithium, Land units must attack 50 times, Hover units 34 times and Air units must attack 63 times. Chances are you will lose one of your units before that happens. You should buy a couple of laser walls instead. This should be enough defense for the first week. If you are being pestered by someone, don't try to buy up the units to fight back against them unless you already have 1 or 2 extra bases. Work on colonizing a new base and upgrading your Trithium Refinery. Chances are you will get out of their attack range soon enough.


Don’t save them for later, do them right away. You get double the bonus money to spend at your leisure during the first three days of the month and $66,000 is a lot of money in the beginning. The $33,000 difference between the first and the tenth of the month might cost you 50 ranks. Bonuses are good for some of those expensive purchases, so try to use them wisely.

Be a cheapskate[edit]

In Worlds 2 and 3, money can’t be stolen from you, only trithium can, so relax. Don’t feel the need to have your money spent as soon as you get/convert it. It can be kept forever, and it's always worthwhile to save up.

The big researches[edit]

Intelligence and Colonization are the two most important researches in the beginning at a cost of $80,000 and $55,000 respectively. Researching Colonization allows you to build another base and therefore make more income. Players find they make so little money at the start that it's hard to transport enough to a new base in order to start a strong second base early in the game. Researching Intelligence is expensive and costs precious time, but allows players to construct a Mining Platform which increases their income. You should upgrade your primary Trithium Refinery/Storage before researching these.

Join a clan[edit]

There are many clans in Zelderex. Some clans are small, and some are medium or large. Some are quiet, which is nice when you haven't got the time to read all those messages and report about clan enemies (or possible ones) or intelligence reports from clan members at the top of the ranks. Others are an overwhelming amount of work just to be active in. It's up to you to decide what clan to be in (if any) as well as knowing if the clan you are in is the right clan for you. A good clan should have at least one player with some experience, which could be you.

What makes a strong clan, no matter how big or small, is a team of players who work together. Getting to know the elite players is the best way to learn about the bigger clans. Some are good to talk to while others haven’t got time to worry about inexperienced players. Not even the good players know, at the start of the round, what may happen with Clan Diplomacy or the alliances that will be made between the large and small clans. The veterans will soon work it out as the round goes by. That’s why so many people join big clans. They place their trust in the veterans and work as a team.

Clans as small as 2-4 players, can be the most fun of all. If a small clan makes a strong alliance with a powerful one or a few medium ones, often the smaller clans rises in power quickly.

The Forum is a good place to find out what some clans are all about, although most aren’t active in the forum for good/bad reasons. Communication within the clan via the in-game mass messenger is more important than Zelderex Clan Forum threads. The forum is an easy way to deliver messages to other clans, whether it’s a friendly message or not.