Monster World IV/Tower of Silence

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Go through the far left door for another Life Drop (12). Go back out and through the door to the near right and kill the club-wielding cyclops. This opens up the far right door. Throughout the game you will encounter more kill-to-unlock monsters like these.

Go through this door and climb to the top of the rope. And don't forget that Life Drop (13) hanging beside the rope.

Slay the spinning goblin to turn the platform on.

Go through the door to the right and climb the rope, making sure not to miss the Life Drop (14) hanging there. Enter the left-hand door and slay the monster to activate a moving platform.

Jump off to the right and through the next door. Defeat all three goblins, then get the key from the chest.

Go back to the main hall and use the key on the locked door. Defeating the goblin activates another elevator platform. Jump off to the left, defeating two more goblins (the first opens the passage). Continue to the right and up the rope. Behind both doors is a goblin waiting—each activates a elevator platform. Jump over them to the upper part.

Four doors are waiting for you and behind all waits a wolf for you. Defeating them activates four steps which you can jump up.

Jump off to the left and enter the first door. Defeat the first wolf to open the passage to the chest. Enter the second door to the left and defeat the wolf to activate another elevator platform. Use it to reach the upper part and open the chest to receive 3 Life Drops (15-17) and 255 gold. Go the far right and open the chest to the left to receive the second key. Jump down to the left and exit, then go to the far right and unlock the door.

Climb the rope (don't miss the Life Drop (18)) and go past the spears through the far left door. Jump over the steps to the elevator platform in the far right corner, then jump upward.

The upper door (on the steps) leads to a heart, but you'll have to retrace your steps through the part with the spears again. Behind the middle door is an ogre—a though enemy, but you'll receive a Life Drop (19) and a Golden Bar. Once you got it, go through the left door, climb the rope (watch out for the spears), jump down on the left side to get another Life Drop (20) and you also can save the game here, then you'll have to retrace your steps back through the spears. Now follow the path to the right, down and through the left door. Jump down to the right and you'll find a heart machine—for 100 gold you can buy a refill of 3 hearts. Jump up over the steps and go through the last door.

Boss: Millipede[edit | edit source]

Defeat the monster and claim its trasure.

This boss is very simple. When she rises up or crawls away, she will pounce down. Step back, jump, slash, repeat until splattered. Once she is dead, open the chest to receive the Magic Lamp!

Open your inventory and use the lamp to initiate the genie and his humorous comments. Choosing "no" enough times will eventually make the genie give up and go back in the lamp. Anyway, ask for his help to get a free ride to Rapadagna City.