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Original (arcade) version[edit]

While the layout of the floors, and the enemies they contain, change from level to level, the basic goal of The Tower of Druaga is the same throughout. You must navigate the maze in search of the Tower of Druaga Key.png. Once you find the Tower of Druaga Key.png, you are free to locate the Tower of Druaga Door.png and escape to the next floor. Once you ascend to the next floor, you can never return to the previous floor. In higher floors, special items may be required in order to see the location of the Tower of Druaga Key.png and the Tower of Druaga Door.png.

Every floor (with just a few exceptions) contains a hidden Tower of Druaga Treasure.png. The way reveal the Tower of Druaga Treasure.png changes with each floor. Some methods are intuitive, while other methods may seem bizarre. For the most part, you not only want to find these treasures, you will also need them in order to succeed. The treasure found on each floor, as well as the method to obtain it, stays the same for that floor every time you play.

The maps shown in this walkthrough are for the arcade and any arcade based variant (such as in Namco Museum Vol. 3). The PC-Engine, Famicom and Game Boy versions contain different floor layouts than the arcade, and thus the mazes here do not reflect those found in either version. The treasure reveal methods for the Famicom are the same as the arcade where positions on the map are unimportant. Many of the treasure reveal methods for the Game Boy are similar, but there are a few that have changed entirely. Where ever possible, the walkthrough will attempt to describe those differences. As a bonus to Famicom, Game Boy, and PlayStation players, experts who complete the game successfully are awarded with a special code that will unlock a more difficult version of the game known as Another Tower. In this tower, the monsters are tougher, and the treasure reveal methods require far more patience and skill. The Famicom and Game Boy solutions for Another Tower are similar, but the PlayStation version has it's own set of mazes, monster groups, and solutions. The special codes are revealed below:

Another Tower access code

Famicom: At the title screen, enter Up dpad x6 Left dpad x4 Right dpad x3.

Game Boy: original version - B button x6 Left dpad x4 Right dpad x3.
Namco Gallery Vol. 2 version - Right dpad x9 Up dpad x2 Left dpad x2

PlayStation: Namco Museum Vol. 3 - While you stand in the musuem, hold L1 button and R1 button, and press Up dpad, Right dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad. A pickax will appear on the bottom of the screen. Now walk into the Tower of Druaga room, and walk straight up to a brick wall. When Pac-Man indicates that something is in front of you, press Cross button to use the pickax on the wall. Once the wall is destroyed, go through, and you will see a scene of Gil fighting Druaga. In the right corner of this room is an arcade machine that will play a special PlayStation "Another Tower" version of the game unique to the museum. if you stay in the room for a while, the Ruby Mace and Blue Crystal Rod will both appear in a bubble. activate the rods to let Gil kill Druaga. You then see a picture of Ki.

The Tower Floors[edit]

Warning: One of the most fun aspects of this game is attempting to discover how to reveal every Tower of Druaga Treasure.png, and whether the contents are beneficial or not, on your own. By examining the following pages, you will learn the exact methods for obtaining the Tower of Druaga Treasure.png on every floor. Proceed only if you wish to reveal this information.

PlayStation's Darkness Tower[edit]

In addition to the Another Tower found in the Namco Museum Vol. 3 version of The Tower of Druaga, there is a second secret set of 60 floors (this time numbered from 61 to 120), referred to as the Darkness Tower. On these floors, the treasures are in a different order, and the gameplay is even more difficult. The solutions to those floors are on the following page:

Darkness Tower access code

Go to the "Another Tower" machine as previously describe. At the title screen, press Triangle button to enter the settings menu, under Test, choose "DIPSW". Turn Dipswitch #4 to the On position. Cancel out of the menu, then insert a quarter. Now press buttons in the following order.
Japanese version: Circle button Right dpad Cross button Down dpad Square button Left dpad R1 button L1 button R2 button L2 button
American version: Cross button Right dpad Circle button Down dpad Square button Left dpad R1 button L1 button R2 button L2 button

PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) version[edit]

The PC-Engine version of the game, while very faithful to the original in terms of game mechanics and controls, it very different in it's presentation, and treasure sets. The game can be played on one of three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. A fourth difficulty, Professional, is reserved as the Another Tower version of the game, and does not require a code to access. Both the regular and professional solutions can be found on the following page: