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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control the player and guide him in eight directions across the visible screen.
  • A button: Press the A button to make the player jump. Press in conjunction with the direction pad to make the player jump in a particular direction.
  • B button: Press the B button to make the player throw his weapon. Hold the button down when the weapon is upgraded from Boomerangs to Flames, to enable rapid fire.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to begin a new game, or press it to pause and unpause the game.
  • Select button: Not used.


Dino Riki player sprite.png

You control the player on his mission to restore peace and order to his prehistoric time period. He'll have to cross through jungles, deserts, and swamps in order to calm the many beasts that wreak havoc in each area. He can move in eight directions, and travel almost anywhere on the visible screen. He can jump in the air and over gaps. The player can take a number of hits from enemies, or their bullets, equal to the number of hearts that he has showing in the upper left corner of the screen. If he runs out of hearts, or if he falls off a ledge or in quicksand, he will lose a life. If he loses all of his lives the game is over. The player begins with the ability to throw two short-range stones across the screen at one time. By collecting power-up tiles, he can upgrade the strength and effectiveness of his attack. If he can uncover the hidden Riki tile, he will power up to the size of a hulking wrestler, with the ability to attack by projecting images of himself at the enemy.


All items must be shot to be uncovered. The first five items can be found by shooting various objects throughout each stage, such as flowers or skulls. The last three must also be shot, buy their locations are secret and not marked by an object.

Tile Item Description
Dino Riki item diamond.png Diamond The first diamond that you collect is worth 100 points. The value of diamonds will increase to 200, 500, 1000, and on if the player is not hit by an enemy or a bullet. The 9th diamond collected will grant an extra life if you do not get hit.
Dino Riki item power.png Power You start with the ability to throw two stones. The first power increase grants him the ability to throw three hammers. The next one grants the ability to toss a barrage of boomerangs, and after that you gain the ability to throw flame in a rapid fire manner. If you collect a power-up when you have flames, it will have the same effect as the Star tile. If you are hit, you drop down to the previous level of power.
Dino Riki item boot.png Boot Collecting boots allows the player to run across the screen much faster. One boot power up is helpful, and a second boot power up is optional, but any more than that, and you risk causing the player to run too quickly to be controlled carefully.
Dino Riki item meat.png Meat Collecting meat will restore all lost hearts to the player's health meter in the upper left corner of the screen. If you collect it when you have full health, it has no effect.
Dino Riki item heart.png Heart The Heart Tile will increase the player's maximum health meter by one heart. You can collect up to a maximum of eight hearts. Collecting any more hearts than that will have no effect. It takes many shots to make the Heart tile appear.
Dino Riki item star.png Star The Star tile is a hidden tile. When you touch the Star tile, all enemies on the screen are instantly destroyed.
Dino Riki item wing.png Wing The wing tile is a hidden tile. When you collect the wing tile, a pair of wings will appear on the player's back. The next time you jump, you can press and hold A button to float in the air. This is only good for one jump, but it can held indefinitely. While up in the air, you can shoot enemies and items, but you cannot collect items.
Dino Riki item Riki.png Riki The Riki tile is a hidden tile. It take a tremendous amount of hits to reveal the Riki tile. When collected, the player will transform into a hulking wrestler who can attack by projecting up to two images of himself at the enemy. If he is hit just once, he will transform back to his original self.