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Dino Riki Stage 4-2a.png
Dino Riki Stage 4-2b.png

The hot desert sands may not keep your feet moving here, but the enemies and the placement of the obstacles sure will. Like Stage 2, this stage starts out open, and quickly becomes a labyrinth of walls and turns that you must maneuver through. A Triceratops waits for you right beyond the first gap in the wall, and then you must squeeze through one of three narrow entrances to continue on to the section above. If you have the flame weapon here, you may find it difficult to hit your targets until you're all the way through.

Dino Riki Stage 4-2c.png
Dino Riki Stage 4-2d.png

Two disappearing quicksand funnels await you through this corridor. Above it is a pot that contains a Meat tile, and will require a number of hits to break. Don't risk your life for it. Shortly above is a power-up and right above that is a hidden Star tile. Eventually you will reach a wide open area surrounded by reappearing quicksand funnels. Above one of the central funnels is one of the two hidden Riki tiles that you can find in this stage. It won't help you incredibly, but it will give you a small boost in attack power.

Dino Riki Stage 4-2e.png
Dino Riki Stage 4-2f.png

Not long after the Riki tile, you will reach a set of pillar bottoms. There are actually two hidden tiles on either side of the screen; an enemy killing Star tile on the left, and a helpful Wing tile on the right. Remember that with the wings, the Triceratops flames can't harm you even though other enemy bullets can. You have enough time to grab both of them. The wings will come in handy for the section that follows. You must maneuver around quicksand funnels while dodging Triceratops flames.

Dino Riki Stage 4-2g.png
Dino Riki Stage 4-2h.png

Eventually the stage splits in two just as it did in Stage 2, but only for a short while. There are no hidden tiles on either side, so feel free to take either one. However, when you get beyond this section, there is one more Riki tile that you can reveal. It is cleverly hidden behind the last right facing Triceratops. It also happens to be located a short distance from the boss chamber entrance, so it won't do you a tremendous amount of good. However, if you collect it when you are at the lowest level of power, and enter the boss chamber, you will immediately advance to the flames upon your arrival.


The boss of Stage 4-2 is identical to the boss of the second stage.