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The zeppelin is a living airship. The lower parts are lined with turrets that will periodically shoot bullets at Alisia. At the beginning, she should quickly destroy the turrets immediately around her, having her companions help. Then, she should slowly step forward to the right, taking out the turrets from a distance.

On the second level from the bottom, toward the left, there are two Potions. At the far left near the lower engines, there are a Companion Upgrade and a Companion Revival Item. On this same level, kill the flying platform guard at the right, and use her platform to jump up to the third level, where the mouth is. Stepping on the teeth is okay, and in this jaw there are two Meat Bones and a Potion. Above the upper lip, there is a Companion Upgrade. Jump straight up from the top of the upper lip to find a Thunder Fairy (temporary infinite magic energy).

From the mouth, run left across the third level, which is a wide open deck. While flying monsters will swoop in from the right, suicidal guards will drop down from the top, trying to grab Alisia before sending out explosive blasts to the sides. She should use sweeping bolts to kill them before they reach her. If they grab Alisia, she should shake them off and then duck their blasts. At the very left end of this third level, there are a 1-Up and a Potion.

Jump up along the engine pods at the rear. Toward the top of these pods, along the left, there are a Meat Bone and a Thunder Power Upgrade.

To the right, kill the flying platform guards, and use their platforms to reach the back of the zeppelin's head. If Alisia misses the flying platforms, she will fall back to the third level, where she may have to face some enemies again before climbing up the engine pods once more. On the light gray platform, in the middle of the series of flying platforms, shortly before the end, there are a Meat Bone and a Potion.

Boss: Gadimbil[edit]

The Gadimbil are three yellow bug-like monsters who periodically emerge from behind the walls to fire spreading bullets. Alisia won't fall off the bottom ledge of this place.

Kill the three Gadimbil when they appear to fire spreading bullets. One is at the left, one is at the top, and one is at the right. There are also eight dark blue plant-like enemies who release eyeball projectiles that will float toward Alisia. Killing them isn't necessary, but doing so will stop their eyeball projectiles, which can also be destroyed. Six of these dark blue enemies are at the middle, while the other two periodically emerge at the top left.