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Grappling hook mechanics[edit]

In order to complete the game, you will have to master utilizing the grappling hook to reach higher destinations. The grappling hook can be a little unintuitive at first and it will take some practice to get the hang of using it.

One might assume that, in order to reach a particularly high location, you should jump first, and fire the grappling hook at the peak of your jump. However, once fired, the grappling hook defies physics by moving relative to you at all times. Therefore, if you fire your grappling hook mid-jump, the trajectory of the grappling hook will falls as Kaito falls and you will miss your target. Instead, you should fire the grappling hook first, and then time your jump such that the zenith of your jump coincides with the grappling hook reaching your intended target.

Firing methods[edit]

Below are a few examples of the various ways in which you might utilize the grappling hook.

Fire while standing
This will probably be the most common use case, since you will have a very good understanding of how far the rope will fire, and at what angle. In most cases, your intended target will be within normal firing range of your current position.
Fire while walking
Once you get the hang of firing the grappling hook, and get a feel for what's in range and what's out, you can save a little time by firing the hook while walking. You will pause briefly when you first begin to fire, but then you will continue walking, and the hook will move forward along with you. If you push the control pad upwards, you will immediately switch from walking to climbing the rope once the hook attaches to a ledge or wall.
Fire while jumping
As explained in the example above, in order to increase the height at which the grappling hook attaches, you should fire and then jump and not the other way around. As you jump, the grappling hook will rise with Kaito.
Fire while jumping forward
This can be an excellent method to reach objects that are otherwise out of reach. There is an inherent risk, however, if the object you are trying to reach is on the other side of a gap. If you mistime your shot, or misjudge the distance, and miss your target, you may have a long way to fall as a result, which leads to…
Fire while falling
This can very well save your life, and there are a couple of moments where you need to perform this maneuver in order to collect out-of-reach items. Make sure that you are holding up on the control pad in order to grab the rope when it finally connects. As odd as it may seem, the fact that the pole is suspended in mid-air will not cause the rope to slack.
Fire while retreating
This is a difficult maneuver, but it may save your life. If you are standing on a platform, and would like to position yourself below it, you can stand on one edge, fire towards the center, and fall of the edge. If you time it right, you might be able to connect the hook to the underside of the platform you were just standing on, and climb back up to it while avoiding whatever danger was present.

Rope usage[edit]

Once the grappling hook has connected to something, there are aspects of the rope that you can take advantage of in order to stay safe, or reach other destinations.

Jump on the rope any time
If you fall off the rope or a ledge and the rope is still visible, you don't necessarily need to fire another one. Once the hook is connected, and the rope is straight, you can jump on to it at any point and proceed to climb whether its at the start, middle, or end. You simply need to hold up on the control pad while you're jumping and you will grab onto the rope.
Rope jumping
When you fire at a wall, and you reach the very top of the rope where the grappling hook is connected, you can get a little bit of a boost by jumping as you climb up. At that point, you can turn around and fire the grappling hook in the opposite direction. If the walls are close enough to one another, you may be able to climb higher and higher by repeating this process. Be sure to jump up at the end of the climb before you fire off the next grappling hook.
Rope bypass
The rope will continue to fly until the grappling hook actually hits something that it can connect to. As a result, it's possible to throw the hook such that it begins above a ledge and continues to fly to something higher. If you fall below that ledge during that time, and the hook grabs something, you can climb through the ledge in question to a target even higher.