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Stage 1 - Uluru Underground Water Way
Uluru is a complex underground cave where beautiful water flows. You are free to enter the streams of water that pour down in the cave, either moving with the current or against it, but keep your eyes open for enemies who will try to attack you as you do so. On top of that, a dragon will be waiting for Kaito at the point where all of the water flows.
Stage 2 - Cadiz Fortress
Cadiz Fortress is constructed right into mountains that were once considered quite beautiful. Today they are occupied by a hermit who spreads the teaching of the evil god who seeks to steal the Almana stone. You start at the foot of the mountains, and you must rise up to the surface on the other side, although the path is not straightforward, and you'll be forced to climb over two peaks.
Stage 3 - Gazal Castle
Gazal castle is notable for being populated with many huge statues. So huge that no mortal could be responsible for placing them about the hallways. They were placed by the hard of the dark deity that occupies the area, casting a shadow of wickedness across the land. The deity maintains his dominance through the large statues that he placed at the top of the tall tower of the castle.
Stage 4 - Jigurado Cliffs
As you get closer to the source of the dark god's power, the attack will intensify as you attempt to infiltrate the entrance to the lair through an entrance near the top of the cliff. After you make it into the cave, you must drop down a great waterfall to the river below, where a raft awaits you. The raft won't be the only thing waiting, however. Rocks and poisonous seasnakes will be there to stop you.
Stage 5 - Guruto Mine
The mine is actually a large winding underground cavern. This is the chosen home of the giant Sand Worm who tunnels through the hard rock as easily as if it were soil or sand. Those same solid walls can be penetrated by you if you ride inside a mine cart. Use them wisely to access closed off areas of the mine.
Stage 6 - Temple of Dada
The Almana stone is concealed within this unholy temple, where the dark god awaits you. Once you pass through the long pitfall, you will be unable to escape this place until you have obtained Almana stone. Jets of flame appear throughout the temple, hindering your chances of making it out of the temple alive.


  • Enemies appear from entrances that are scattered throughout each level. However, they will cease to appear if you are standing in front of the entrance, or even slightly to the side. They will not stop appearing if you are directly above or below them, so take this into consideration when timing your moves in their vicinity. It is best to wait for one more enemy to appear before climbing up or dropping down in front of an entrance.
  • Squatting can help you or hurt you depending on the circumstance. Squatting is your best defense in that spears and bullets will not harm you, even if they appear to hit you. However, when you squat, you are also defenseless because you can neither attack or jump. Try to determine the absolute best times to squat in order to avoid danger so that you can quickly recover and continue.
  • You can always let go of the rope anytime you need to by pushing left or right while pressing A button. This is an extremely useful tactic to use when trying to land on small moving platforms. If you immediately press and release both buttons, you should fall straight down. You can also use this technique to release the rope in case you spot a red enemy that you would like to attack to collect items.
  • You must survive a fight with the stage boss in order to advance to the next stage. However, if you do survive, much of your health will be restored when you start the next stage, up to a maximum of five bars. If you have collected pendents, you will not lose their effect, but any extra bars will not start out filled.
  • After you get hit, Kaito will blink for a brief period of time. During this time, he is invincible and can't be hurt again until he stops blinking. Take advantage of this fact by passing through any dangers and advance as far as your able to before you become vulnerable again.
  • There is no time limit in the game. If you want to, you are free stand in front of entrance that release red enemies and attack them continuously until you max out your inventory of the particular item that they provide you with.