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Puzzle Gallery contains 185 puzzles to be solved. They are organized into 40 attractions, which may be reached from the menu at the top (under the P, A, R, and K menus). With the exception of The Future, they may be completed in any order.

Some puzzles will provide a highlighted word from time to time. These words will be used in the final puzzle, but should be easy to review.

Puzzle types[edit]

Of the puzzles included in At the Carnival, they fall into the following categories:

  • Jive Jumbles: You are given a set of letters, and need to rearrange them into the correct order.
  • Krazy Kodes: You are given a set of letters, which are encrypted. You are given a clue at the bottom, and can exchange two letters of a given type.
  • Xotic Xwords: Given a clue, determine the associated word.
  • Grisly Grids: You are given a set of letters in a 3 by 3 grid, and need to rearrange them to produce three horizontal and three vertial words. One letter is locked in position, and words tend to repeat themselves.
  • Wily Word Searches: You need to find words matching a common theme within the puzzle.
  • Perpetual Polygons: You are given pentominos, and need to place them all within a rectangle or other shape.
  • Prickly Patchworks: A jigsaw puzzle.
  • Cocky Concatenations: You need to select buttons in order to construct a long sentence of phrase
  • Xacting XORs: YOu need to click on a set of buttons to reveal a hidden word, and avoiding the decoy word visible if you try enabling all buttons.
  • Maddening Mazes: You need to find the path to the exit.