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Call of Duty uses most of the standard controls for a World War II shooter, so if you're already familiar with shooters, you can just bypass this table. These are the controls for the PC version.

Action Default Key Description
Move forward W Run forward
Backpedal S Run backwards
Strafe left A Move sideways to the left
Strafe right D Move sideways to the right
Lean left Q Lean left over a corner.
Lean right E Lean right over a corner
Jump, stand upright Space Either jump or move from a crouching or prone position to an upright position.
Crouch C Move to a crouching position
Prone Ctrl Move to a prone position
Fire weapon/throw grenade PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack with your current weapon
Aim down the sight PC Mouse Right Click.png Aim down the sight of your weapon for increased accuracy
Melee Shift Bash your enemy with the butt of your gun
Reload R Reloads weapon
Change rate of fire M Change rate of fire from semi-automatic to full-automatic and vice versa
Select First Weapon 1 Switches to the weapon in your first slot
Select Second Weapon 2 Switches to the weapon in your second slot
Select sidearm 3 Switches to your pistol
Select grenade 4 Switches to your grenade
Switch to next weapon PC Mouse Wheel Down.png Switch to the weapon in your next slot
Switch to previous weapon PC Mouse Wheel Up.png Switch to the weapon in your previous slot
Show objectives/score Tab Reveals mission objectives in single player or score in multiplayer
Use F Pick up weapons or health packs, perform an action
Screenshot F12 Take a screenshot
Quicksave F5 Save your game quickly in a mission
Quickplay F9 Loads your last quicksaved game
Voice Command (Multiplayer) V Brings up the Voice Command menu in Multiplayer