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  • Read each sign [5 remaining].
  • Approach the sign indicated by the compass star.
  • Open the gate to the obstacle course.
  • Complete the obstacle course.
  • Pick up both Carbines, hit the target a total of 12 times.
  • Pick up a Springfield, hit the target a total of 4 times.
  • Pick up a Thompson, hit the target 10 times.
  • Switch weapons, hit the target 3 more times.
  • Pick up some Grenades, throw a Grenade into each window and door.
  • Plant the explosives.
  • Go through the last gate to exit training.


This mission is pretty self-explanatory. Just keep an eye on your compass, do what your officers and in-game instructions tell you to do, and follow your objectives with the Tab key. You can take this time to acquaint yourself with the Carbine, Springfield, and Thompson, which you'll be using in the American campaign.