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Available after Tractor Tipping or
Sally's Sunshine Circuit
Unlocks Doc's Challenge

Doc's Lesson: Powerslide is more like a race, although in the game it is qualified as a minigame. This game is just as it says in the title; a powersliding lesson by Doc.

The goal is to get round the track three times, without falling off round the sharp corner. The track is actually Willy's Butte. This is where Doc and Lightning had the race in the movie. The track has two turns; the first is the smooth, almost vertical turn and the second is where you need to use Powerslide. The place where you need to press the button or key is indicated by a floating yellow arrow. You need to get round both corners successfully and not leave the track for moe than three seconds. Unlike in proper races, though, if you do go off track for that length of time, you will not be put back on the track, but instead will have failed and need to try again.

When you have successfully completed the minigame, Lighning asks Doc how he did. Doc tells him that he was pretty good, although that track's only got two turns. For a real test, he suggests them having a race. And so you go straight into Doc's Challenge.