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Available after Radiator Springs GP
Unlocks none

Lizzie's Postcard Hunt is the longest minigame, however you don't have to do it all at once. Lightning McQueen goes into the Curio Shop, seeing that Lizzie has some postcards on the table. While tryig to get a look at them, he accidentally knocks over a shelving unit, which then hits a shelf on the wall. A bolt falls off and hits the switch on an electronic fan, turning it on, and the postcards are blown out the door. Lightning tells Lizzie not to worry; he'll find them, they can't have gone too far.

The matter fact is that some of them have gone far. Some are easier to get than others, and some might be in places you haven't unlocked yet (Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass). There are 20 altogether that you have to find, but the time you have to look for them is unending. Infact, once you have started the minigame you don't even have to finish it!

Here's where the postcards are;

Radiator Springs:
  • On the opposite side of the street from the Curio Shop
  • Ontop of Ramone's House of Body Art
  • On a pile of crates behind Luigi's Casa Dela Tyres
  • In a small outdoor room in the building next to the rundown motel
  • On a ledge beside the Drive-in
  • In an area the other side of the canyon (you can only get here by jumping over)
  • On a ledge below the road leading to the cap
  • On the large rock overlooking the canyon
  • Under the bridge at the end of the canyon
  • On a high ledge overlooking the large dip in the ground
  • Past a thin ledge high above ground level, overlooking Ornament Valley
  • On a large sand-coloured rock, overlooking the path that leads to the previous two postcards
Ornament Valley
  • Under the stone bridge
  • On a ledge overlooking the fields
Tailfin Pass
  • Inside Wheel Well
  • On a high platform above the second tunnel
  • In the path inside the cave-like tunnel, through some broken planks of wood
  • On the path above exit the cave tunnel
  • On a ledge behind the waterfall