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This is an easy mini game and can be played as a 2-player game. The main objective is to wake up all of the tractors without Frank getting you. It's pretty easy to find all of the tractors by finding the "ZZZ" signs low in the sky. The only way to win the game is to wake up all of the other tractors without letting Frank get you. In story mode, you have to play this before you unlock other races or mini-games.

You'll start in a field where all of the small tractors are sleeping. To wake them up, just go close to them. There is also a tutorial that teaches you where the button to wake up the tractors is. There are two ways that you can lose:

  1. Letting Mater in Frank's light.
  2. Following Frank and he hears you and gets you by running.
  3. Blocking a tractor with an object

It's also impossible to escape unless you go somewhere else rather than following Frank. There is also a cutscene if you lose, where Mater and Lightning McQueen run away from Frank.