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Your goal is to get the victim, Lightning McQueen, out of Mack's trailer during traffic. You'll be playing as the three gangsters except for Rod. First, you will be playing the blue car. Try to catch up with Mack and when you reach Mack, the blue car will play a jazz song that will make Mack go to sleep without noticing it. Next, you'll be playing the white car and you must try to reach Mack, but this time when you reach and put him to sleep, you now open the trailer door. In the movie, the four gangster cars amuse themselves and then by accident let Lightning McQueen out without noticing. Then you play the last car. Collect five boxes, which can be hard because you may miss some and there is a time limit. If the timer runs out, it's a game over. Also try not to hit the wrong stuff. After collecting five rust-eze boxes, there is an ending with a cutscene where the four gangsters run away. Snot Rod sneezes and wakes up Mack, who now finally notices the five boxes are gone and the trailer door is open.