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Available After You start the game

Radiator Springs GP is the first race you need to play in the game. Therefore, it is quite easy to win.

First off, Lightning is preparing for a race, much like he did in the film. Mater is being the announcer, and introduces the race. Then the competitors line up, and the race begins.

The race has three laps. The first turn is right at the end of the main road, past the fire station. This turn is pretty tight, and you will need to use a powerslide to avoid craching into the lampost. Then, you turn right again across the dusty path. There's a right and left turn after that.

Continue round the wide bend that leads to the Drive-in. After that, another sharp bend is present, and so you will need to use powerslide again. Then you just continue along the main road and past the finishing line. Do this another three times and watch out for the other competitors!