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Lucasfilm Games
Founder(s)George Lucas
RenamedLucasArts in 1990

Lucasfilm Games (known internally as "Lucasfilm Computer Division Games Group") was a division of Lucasfilm Limited that was created to develop video games, originally as a cooperative venture with Atari. Their early titles were published by Atari (in the case of games for Atari computers), Activision, and Epyx (the latter two in the case of non-Atari computers). Maniac Mansion was one of the first games to be published by Lucasfilm Games themselves.

Lucasfilm Games received their own acclaim for their adventure games, starting in 1986 with Labyrinth: The Computer Game (based on the LucasFilm movie starring David Bowie and a cast of Muppets). 1987's Maniac Mansion introduced the SCUMM scripting engine, which was used in many of their subsequent games, and has since been used (in the form of ScummVM) in many others.

The company was renamed as LucasArts in 1990. Although Lucasfilm Games developed a handful of titles using IP from Lucasfilm movies, not a single Star Wars game was released under the Lucasfilm Games label (these came after the change to LucasArts).