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This section is devoted to binds and macros, which map different functions to your keyboard and mouse to make controlling features of the game easier.

A /bind activates the last power in the list first, so switch around to taste. In order to find out the name of a power, simply mouseover the icon in your power tray, then insert the power name you want to bind. For instance, in the Hover/Fly bind below, the Kheldian powers are called "Combat Flight" and "Energy Flight."

Multiple toggles on one key[edit]

Here's one way to make multiple toggles activate with one key.

/bind <key> + $$powexec_toggleon Combat Jumping$$powexec_toggleon Fire Shield

What that will do is on the down press, it will activate fire shield and on the release (if it's held long enough) it will activate combat jumping. You can use as many toggleons as you want, more than two will require multiple keypresses.

/bind <key> powexec_toggleon combat jumping$$powexec_toggleon fire shield$$powexec_toggleon fiery aura

Basic Travel Binds[edit]

Switch from Combat Jumping to Super Jump[edit]

This will let you switch between the two.

/bind <key> powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name Super Jump

Teleport enhancer[edit]

This will allow you to chain teleports by holding down the left  Shift  and clicking with the mouse where you want to teleport to.

/bind lshift+lbutton powexec_name Teleport

Switch from Fly to Hover[edit]

You can use  E , because it's easily accessible in combat. The default for  E  is to turn your character to the right, so if you want to preserve that ability then you'll have to bind a different key.

You may prefer activating Fly first, so you can use it as a panic button.

/bind <key> powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly

Auto Super Jump[edit]

Use this for hands-free Super Jumping. Useful for bounding while typing.

/bind <key> ++up$$++autorun$$powexec_name Super Jump

Random phrases[edit]

This bind isn't so much a bind as it is a miniature program. When you press the key designated in the file, any one of the many phrases that you wrote (and possibly emotes or power executions... see the guide to binds for other ideas of things that you can randomize) will come up. Use several different sayings, as they can get annoying if repeated, the more you think you're going to use it, the more sayings you should put in there.

You need two text files, and one will be empty. For the sake of simplicity, this example uses blank.txt for the loading file and phrases.txt as the listing file. Place both of these files in the same folder, for instance C:/cohbinds.

The batch file (random.bat) should look like this:



FOR /F "DELIMS=~~~" %%i IN (phrases.txt) DO (echo %%i>blank.txt)&&SLEEP 1&&ECHO %%i


This file should be in the same folder as your two text files.

The phrases.txt is where all the magic is done. The good thing about this setup is that you can have different emotes attached to each saying. The drawback is that you have to have a longer file. Here is an example file:

F10 "em dance$$Local Hi!$$bind_load_file C:/cohbind/target.txt"

F10 "em wave$$Local My name is $name, who are you today?$$bind_load_file C:/cohbind/target.txt"

F10 "em shrug$$Local How are you today?$$bind_load_file C:/cohbind/target.txt"

F10 "Local S'up?$$bind_load_file C:/cohbind/target.txt"

F10 "em frustrated$$Local GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$bind_load_file C:/cohbind/target.txt"

You can replace "Local" with "say" and it will be said in the current channel, and you can use any button in the place of  F10 .

The blank.txt is just blank, but there has to be an empty text file by that name to start with.

Make sure that the program is running and you type /bind_load_file C:/cohbinds/blank.txt (not "phrases.txt", that would just mess it all up) in the game before trying this.