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The Epic archetypes currently only include two types. These two are both unlocked when a given account has one character, on any server, at level 50. It should be noted, in direct conflict with most players assumptions, that the Epic ATs are not ubermode. They are not meant to be super-powerful. Much conflict comes of this assumption. Just like in scores of other games, in CoH, when you reach the end, you are rewarded with a Hard Mode. The Epics are hard to play. They offer a lot of flexibility, but at a price. You have far more powers to slot, with just as many slots as before. This in itself is difficult. Additionally, in most base stats, Kheldians (the term that both Peacebringers and Warshades go by) are weak in almost every area. Only in human form, in a large group, can Kheldians become "uber".


  • Powersets: Luminous Blast primary. Luminous Aura secondary.


  • Powersets: Umbral Blast primary. Umbral Aura secondary.