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Story arcs are somewhere in between regular missions and task forces. Like a task force, there is a series of connected missions which tell a story. Story arcs come from your regular contacts, though, and you can do them at your own pace, with a group or solo, or even with different groups on different days. Each mission will give you a clue, and the clues will pile up in your clue window until the arc is done. You know that you are doing a story arc when you see a clue which says, "It all started when..." When you finish a story arc, you receive an enhancement and a souvenir. The souvenir includes text summarizing the missions in the arc.

You can only have two story arcs running at a time. If you outlevel a story arc, don't worry. You can still do the missions and get the rewards, without having to exemplar down. The bad guys have a maximum level, though, and if you are beyond it then the fights aren't going to be very interesting. If you have missed any story arcs, go back to your very first contact and talk to them in person, and work your way up. Eventually, someone will give you either a mission or a new contact.

Names in boldface are nominees for the Best Story Arc award, from the contest held on CoH's first anniversary.

Level range Story name Souvenir
10-14 The Clockwork Captive An etched Clockwork piece
10-14 The Bonefire Plot Skulls bandana
10-14 The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot Water department ID badge
15-19 The Mind of a King Damaged power source
15-19 The Tsoo Shenanigans Rage ampoule
15-19 The Vahzilok Plague Hypodermic needle * First Archvillain
20-24 The Tsoo Coup Tsoo dagger
20-24 A Hand of Iron Iron Hand's Badge
20-24 The Sky Raider Secret Captain Indomitable's Uni-Bands
20-24 The Wheel of Destruction Hub of the Wheel of Destruction * Great temp powers!
25-29 The Scroll of Tielekku Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku
25-29 The Mysterious General Z Small cog from a Lockhart Aerotech jet pack
25-29 Ubelmann the Unknown Letter from Requiem
25-29 An Unnatural Order Will of the Earth sample
25-29 The Freaklympics Freaklympics Gold Medal
30-34 The Library of Souls Note from Akarist
30-34 The Freakshow War Page from Schwarzwald's notebook
30-34 The Rise of the Vampyri Dosier on Victor Sieger
30-34 Corporate Culture Crey data disc
30-34 The Unity Plague Sample of the Unity cure
35-39 A Path Into Darkness The Book 'The Rites of the Dark'
35-39 The Envoy of Shadow The Envoy's True Name
35-39 Revenant Hero Project Invisible Falcon's Mask
35-39 The Terra Conspiracy Hamidon's letter
35-39 Mass Duplicity Nemesis battle suit blueprints
35-39 The Organ Grinders Omega level clearance badge
40-44 To Save a Soul Madeline Casey's pendant
40-44 The Evil Countess Crey Julianne's diary
40-44 Melvin and the Mysterious Malta Group A painting called Gentlemen of Malta
40-44 The Eternal Nemesis The Face of Nemesis
40-44 The Praetorian War Blue Clockwork piece
40-44 Division: Line C'Kelkah's cermonial blade
45-49 Upon the Psychic Plane Vanessa DeVore's mask
45-49 Project: World Wide Red The thanks of the world
45-49 To Save A Thousand Worlds Pure flame
45-49 A Hero's Hero Statesman's face plate