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Defeat badges are badges that are obtained by defeating enemies in City of Heroes. Most of these badges are earned by defeating quantities of a specific type of enemy, but some of these badges are earned by defeating certain named enemies, e.g. the Clockstopper Badge.


  • Requirement: Defeat 200 Mask Spirits
  • Villain group: Banished Pantheon

You are a banisher of evil spirits. The Banished Pantheon fears your very name. You can kill any of the four Spirit Masks types (Despair, Death, etc.) for this badge.

Keeper of Secrets[edit]

  • Requirement: Defeat Adamastor
  • Villain group: Banished Pantheon

You have defeated the demon Adamastor, brought forth by the Banished Pantheon to destroy the world. Adamastor is found in Dark Astoria.


  • Requirement: Defeat 100 Summoned Illusionists
  • Villain group: Carnival of Shadows

You have learned enough from fighting the Illusionists of the Carnival of Shadows to know the real from the fake. Illusionists, Dark Servants and Phantasms summoned by Master Illusionists count toward this badge (as of Issue 16).

Demon Slayer[edit]

  • Requirement: Defeat Baphomet
  • Villain group: Circle of Thorns

You have defeated Baphomet, an evil spirit summoned by the upper echelon of the Circle of Thorns to destroy Paragon City. Baphomet is an Arch-Villain found in portal missions and can also be found in Faathim the Kind's Task Force.


  • Requirement: Defeat 100 The Lost Bosses
  • Villain group: The Lost

You are beginning to uncover the mystery that is The Lost. Unlocks the Anathema Gladiator Badge. One of five badges needed to obtain the Vanguard Accolade Badge.


  • Requirement: Defeat 100 Troll Bosses
  • Villain group: Trolls

You have shown tenaciousness in taking down the leadership of the Trolls...over and over again. Unlocks the Caliban Gladiator Badge.