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X-COM: Assault focuses on the combat side of the game. In this game, you control one of two forces in an effort to wipe out the other in 300 turns. It was designed to be a single-player scenario, with the player controlling the X-COM forces against the numbers disadvantage.

Faction Overview[edit]


The X-COM start with three cities: The Judge, The Jury, and The Executioner. These cities provide minimal food, shields, or trade, due to the unimproved terrain and the poor city locations for growth, so new units cannot be built in reasonable time. All three cities also have Training Centers (Barracks), allowing any new units to be veteran. There is a landing zone outside of The Judge, and after 20 turns, 3 reinforcements, 2 Alpha Squads, a Heavy Section, and a B.A.U. will land there, so it is imperative to safeguard the landing zone from the alien forces.

The X-COM run under a fundamentalism, with initially 60% towards luxuries and 40% towards taxes. Research is not a factor in this scenario, as you are researching a dead-end advance that does not give you any advantage of any kind.


The aliens also run under a fundamentalist government, and start with eight cities. Unlike the X-COM, the aliens have very good shield production capacity, and thus can create new units to reinforce their numbers advantage. Alien units are able to trade unit-for-unit against the X-COM, with many forces ready to attack. Each alien city start off with Bunkers (City Walls), Training Centers (Barracks), and Food Storages (Granary).


X-COM Units[edit]

All X-COM units treat squares as road. With the exception of the B.A.U., all units are supported for free under fundamentalism, and can attack air units.

Unit A.D.M HP.F Tech Obsolescence Cost Description
Alpha Squad 6.6.3 4.2 S.A.B.O.T. Ammo Elerium Extract 80 Defense doubled against air units. Can make paradrops.
B.A.U. 20.3.3 3.5 Robotics Elerium Extract 180
Heavy Section 10.5.3 4.4 S.A.B.O.T. Ammo Elerium Extract 100
M.O.U.T. Team 5.7.3 4.3 S.A.B.O.T. Ammo Elerium Extract 60
Reinforcement 10.5.3 3.4 Elerium Extract Elerium Extract 160
Scout Platoon 4.5.7 3.1 S.A.B.O.T. Ammo Elerium Extract 40 Ignores zones of control.

Alien Units[edit]

All Alien ground units (except the Base Defense, which is immobile) treat squares as road. All ground units except the Angry Sectoids, Base Defense, and the Sectoids are supported for free under fundamentalism, and can attack air units. All units except the Base Defense also ignore zones of control. All units except the Angry Sectoids and the Base Defense have a two-space sight range.

Unit A.D.M HP.F Tech Obsolescence Cost Description
Angry Sectoids 5.3.1 4.1 Guerrilla Warfare S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 50
Base Defense 6.8.0 5.3 Elerium Extract S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 70 Immobile.
Ethereals 5.8.5 4.2 Elerium Extract S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 60
King Ethereal 14.6.16 3.3 Stealth S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 70 Air unit.
Mutons 8.6.5 4.3 Elerium Extract S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 90
Sectoids 8.5.1 1.3 Guerrilla Warfare S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 50
Snakemen 6.6.5 4.2 Elerium Extract S.A.B.O.T. Ammo 50