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You start the stage on a motorcycle and a bunch of guys flying above you. They will drop bombs on you so you'll have to shuffle around and destroy them if you want. Once you're out of the tunnel another tank will come up.

Battle Tank: Just sit close to the back and fire away. You might have to jump once in awhile, but you can destroy the shells the tank fires at you. It won't take long to destroy it.

Nothing special happens here. Another boss will meet you further ahead.

Tetrandakker: Stay near the back of the screen and fire at it. It will jump occasionally. You can take advantage of that by going under it to the other side if you're close to the side of the screen. Continue blasting it and it will fall apart soon enough.

The mother ship will appear above and its various armaments will start to attack you. Kill the troops dropping out of the bottom and then the gray guy jumping around. After you do, the screen will start scrolling again. Duck past the turrets or destroy them if you want until you reach the weird snake thing moving around.

Wait until it's off the ground and then quickly move past it. The huge gun further ahead is tougher to avoid. Wait for it to fire and then jump over the explosion going along the ground. With any luck, you'll be able to avoid it. Soon after that, a helicopter will appear. Jump onto it and a boss will appear.

Slash: He'll attach his arm to the bottom of the helicopter and swing around. You should be hitting him here. After awhile, he'll retract his arm to the bottom of the helicopter, then fire a ninja star at you. Jump over it, and fire some more. Rinse and repeat until it's dead.

Right after you kill that boss, the helicopter will fire the missiles you're on and carry you away to the mother ship.

Anti-Contra Battleship Dodriguez: The ship is back for more punishment, so oblige it one last time. To counter the missiles that come from the left, the ship will send missiles of its own to destroy them. Jump away when they are about to be destroyed. Blast the two nodes at the top and bottom of the barrier. The better player should destroy the bottom node because it's harder. After both of the nodes are gone, concentrate on the core in the center of the ship to destroy it.