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Name Price Type Special
Aqua Stone 20 Accessory Def +1
Antidote 8 Medicine Cures poison.
Blue Crystal 10 Gem N/A
Bone Ring 30 Accessory Skl +1
Crystal Ring 96 Accessory Skl +1
Ebony Ring 22 Accessory N/A
Golden Heart 10 Accessory N/A
M-stone 1 Special (see the Town page)
Panacea 15 Medicine Cures all negative status effect, except death and curse.
Potion 8 Medicine Heals HP
Rabbit Leg 40 Accessory Agl +1
Red Crystal 20 Gem N/A
Revival 70 Medicine Revive character from death.
Silver Ring 80 Accessory N/A
Talisman 34 Accessory N/A
Teardrop 5 Accessory Def +1
Tranquiliser 20 Medicine Heal MP