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Only certain jobs are available for any character at a given time. The availability seems to be based on the character's stats, the abilities they know, and their level.

Jobs affect what you can equip, which abilities you will learn, how your stats change, and how much money you receive when you level up.

"?" in the Income column indicates a random element. The value of this is (obviously) random, but apparently it's tied to your character's level - your earnings increase as you level up. A thief, for instance, can earn about 350 gold by level 20.

Job title Income Abilities learned
Bishop 45 Magic Barrier, Restore Lute
Cleric 26 Dispel, Restore Lute
Clown 19 Scroll, Discount
Consul 34 Judgement, Mental Barrier
Craftsman 22 Unlock
Crusader 77 Critical, Slash!
Farmer 20 N/A
Fisherman 11+? Swimming
Guardsman 20 Shoot, Swordmaster
High priest 48 Mental Barrier
Hunter 11+? Shoot, Jump
Knight 45 Cross Attack
Magician 28 Trick Guard
Majin 60 Magic Barrier, Overpower
Merchant 15+? Judgement, Discount
Monk 32 Scroll, Dispel
Ninja 46 Critical
Poet 20 Scroll, Restore Lute
Ruler 100 Critical, Overpower
Sage 53 Mental Barrier, Slash!
Samurai 43 Scroll, Trick Guard
Scholar 28 Scroll, Judgement
Soldier 35 Swordmaster
Sorcerer 43 Magic Barrier
Thief ?+? Hit & Way
Traveller 0 Scroll
Warrior 38 Swordmaster, Hit & Way