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Henchmen are instruments of your evil will - they'll take direct orders from you, but won't perform any menial tasks like building your base or moving body bags. Each Henchman also has two unlockable special skills which make them even more forbidable opponents for any enemy agents unlucky enough to encounter them.

To begin with, you'll only have one Henchman, but more will seek to join your evil empire as your notoreity grows.




Health Loyalty Smarts Attention Endurance
80 100 60 50 70
Special Attacks
Icon Name EXP
Gather Minions Gather Minions
Call minions to assist the henchman.
EvilGenius Jubei WindWalk.png Wind Walk
Teleport to the selected location.
EvilGenius Jubei Eviscerate.png Eviscerate
A high-damage flurry of attacks.
EvilGenius Jubei.png

A samurai warrior, Jubei easily dispatches enemy agents with his sword.

The Matron[edit]

Eli Barracuda[edit]

Red Ivan[edit]