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In order to carry out your scheme of world domination, you'll need minions. In Evil Genius, minions do everything from building and maintaining your secret base to stealing money from and carrying out daring raids against your enemies.



The most basic type of minion, available from the start of the game, Construction Minions can fulfill most basic roles in your base, and are the only minions able to construct new rooms and place items.

Training Minions[edit]

Construction minions won't be enough, though - you've got to specialize some of your minions for different jobs, to make sure your base is as well-secured as possible and to research new technology to aid your nefarious schemes.

Initially, you'll have to interrogate a captured hostage to learn the basics of each of the three minion specialties. From then on, you can train more minions in narrower skillsets using the Training Room.

Social Minions[edit]

The first specialised minion type you're likely to come across, Social Minions will aid your henchmen and other minions, and can negatively affect enemy agents through various manipilation techniques, by assigning the Weaken tag to enemy characters. When present on the World Domination screen, social minions will cover up heat generated by other minions and reduce the total heat incurred by completing Acts of Infamy. Around the island, social minions are also needed to staff the hotel cover operation to keep tourists and some agents from poking their noses in your business.



Valets negatively affect an enemy agent's attention. They also carry incapacitated minions back to the Barracks if their endurance is depleted, and are the only minions capable of using a fire extinguisher to get rid of fires caused by exploding equipment or enemy saboteurs. Valets are incapable of plotting or stealing on the World Domination screen.

Spin Doctor[edit]

Spin Doctors use propaganda to lower an enemy agent's intelligence, which in turn will decrease your Heat. These are more effective at covering up heat than Valets.


A Diplomat can lower an enemy agent's loyalty by bribing them, causing the agent to abandon their mission for a short time. These are the most effective minion at covering up heat.


Playboys are skilled in all forms of social interaction. These aren't as good at covering up heat on the World Domination screen as Diplomats, but they are the only social minion capable of theft, and their psychological weakening ability affects ALL enemy agent stats, not just one.

Science Minions[edit]

Science Minions can repair your base, or research new technology for use in your master plan.



The Technician is the only minion able to repair damage to your equipment caused by an enemy agent's sabotage, or to power generators that lose health due to being over-worked.


Scientist minions excel at researching new technology.


Bio-Scientist minions are experts at biological research.

Quantum Physicist[edit]

A Quantum Physicist minion will focus their attention on quantum research.

Military Minions[edit]

The defence of your base rests on the shoulders of the Military Minions, who excel at killing enemy agents. Some military minions need to be armed by providing an appropriate weapons rack.



The basic Military minion, Guards can be armed using a Rifles Rack. They have higher Health and Endurance ratings than other minion types.


Mercenaries can be armed with a Heavy Rifles rack, and do more damage than your other minions.


Marksmen carry their own rifles, and can hit enemy targets from a much greater distance than other minions.

Martial Artist[edit]

The Martial Artists excel at close-range combat, thanks to deadly hand-to-hand skills.