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Image Number Name Pilot
00 Dark Schneider Deathborn
1 Red Gazelle Mighty Gazelle
2 White Cat Jody Summer
3 Golden Fox Dr. Stewart
4 Iron Tiger Baba
5 Fire Stingray Samurai Goroh
6 Wild Goose Pico
7 Blue Falcon Captain Falcon
8 Deep Claw Octoman
9 Great Star Mr. EAD
10 Little Wyvern James McCloud
11 Mad Wolf Billy
12 Super Piranha Kate Alen
13 Death Anchor Zoda
14 Astro Robin Jack Levin
15 Big Fang Bio Rex
16 Sonic Phantom The Skull
17 Green Panther Antonio Guster
18 Hyper Speeder Beastman
19 Space Angler Leon
20 King Meteor Super Arrow
21 Queen Meteor Mrs. Arrow
22 Twin Norita Gomar & Shioh
23 Night Thunder Silver Neelson
24 Wild Boar Michael Chain
25 Blood Hawk Blood Falcon
26 Wonder Wasp John Tanaka
27 Mighty Typhoon Draq
28 Mighty Hurricane Roger Buster
29 Crazy Bear Dr. Clash
30 Black Bull Black Shadow
31 Fat Shark Don Genie
32 Cosmic Dolphin Terry "Digiboy" Getter
33 Pink Spider Dai San Gen
34 Magic Seagull Spade
35 Silver Rat Dai Goroh
36 Spark Moon Princia Ramode
37 Bunny Flash Lily Flyer
38 Groovy Taxi PJ
39 Rolling Turtle QQQ
40 Rainbow Phoenix Phoenix