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Weapon Description
Faxanadu item hand dagger.png Hand Dagger - Damage: 4
This is the first weapon that you obtain. It is the weakest weapon in both offense and reach. You cannot strike enemies that are low to the ground.
Faxanadu item long sword.png Long Sword - Damage: 8
The Long Sword has both twice the power and twice the reach of the Hand Dagger. It's a worthwhile upgrade.
Faxanadu item giant blade.png Giant Blade - Damage: 20
It will take some time before you locate the third weapon you can obtain, but it will provide an overdue increase in power.
Faxanadu item dragon slayer.png Dragon Slayer - Damage: 25
This is the most powerful sword you can equip. It enables you to wear the Battle Helmet and Battle Suit. However, once you don this trio of items, you may not unequip them for the rest of the game.


Armor Description
Faxanadu item leather mail.png Leather Armor - Damage taken: 100%
You begin the game with this armor. It provides the least protection against enemy attacks and you can't take it off until you get a better protection.
Faxanadu item studded mail.png Studded Mail - Damage taken: 90%
The first armor you can purchase only cuts down ten percent of the damage you receive, not a substantial upgrade.
Faxanadu item full plate.png Full Plate - Damage taken: 75%
This armor covers your body from head to toe, and reduces the damage you take by a quarter.
Faxanadu item battle suit.png Battle Suit - Damage taken: 50%
You will find this armor, which cuts all damage taken in half, before you can actually wear it. You will need to collect the Battle Helmet and Dragon Slayer to put it on, and once you do, you can't take it off.


Shield Description
Faxanadu item shield small.png Small Shield - Damage blocked: 50%
The first shield that you can purchase reduces damage taken from magic and projectiles by half.
Faxanadu item shield large.png Large Shield - Damage blocked: 75%
If you face forward and take indirect damage with the large shield, it will block three quarters of the damage.
Faxanadu item shield magic.png Magic Shield - Damage blocked: 90%
It's possible to purchase the magic shield early on if you save up enough. It cuts magic damage down tremendously.
Faxanadu item battle helmet.png Battle Helmet - Damage blocked: 99%
Though technically not a shield, it serves the same function: block damage taken from magical attacks. It can only be put on when you have the Dragon Slayer and Battle Suit.


Magic Description
Faxanadu item magic deluge.png Deluge - Magic consumption: 2 MP - Damage: 6
The first magic that you can acquire is a simple spell which sends a blast of fire straight ahead. The power it uses, and damage it causes, is low and it stops when it hits a wall.
Faxanadu item magic thunder.png Thunder - Magic consumption: 4 MP - Damage: 9
Slightly more powerful than Deluge, Thunder is able to travel through walls, but it doesn't travel very far. It dissipates after a short distance.
Faxanadu item magic fire.png Fire - Magic consumption: 6 MP - Damage: 24
Fire is a powerful spell that only one mage in the world can teach you. While it is unable to pass through walls, when it hits an enemy, it blows them to the back of the room until they hit something.
Faxanadu item magic death.png Death - Magic consumption: 10 MP - Damage: 34
This is a powerful spell that travels slowly but does a lot of damage. It's capable of killing most enemies with one hit. It's possible to purchase Death early on if you put in a lot of effort. Otherwise you'll have to wait quite a while to use it.
Faxanadu item magic tilte.png Tilte - Magic consumption: 16 MP - Damage: 38
Tilte is powerful black magic. It has an unusual path; it starts out as a small orb diving low, and slowly curves back up until it suddenly blooms into its full form and flies quickly forward at an upward angle.


Consumable items[edit]

Item Description
Faxanadu item red potion.png Red Potion: Utilize the Red Potion whenever you are in danger of dying. One drink of this will completely restore all of your missing health.
Faxanadu item mattock.png Mattock: Some pathways will blocked by a wall stone. The only way to get beyond them is to smash them down with the Mattock. While you will be able to buy them later in the game, the first Mattock must be obtained by defeating a boss. Each Mattock can only break down one wall.
Faxanadu item wing boots.png Wing Boots: Sometimes you must reach destinations that are too high to jump to. If you have Wing Boots, you can activate them by pressing Up dpad+A button to fly around the screen at will. The duration of the boots depends on your rank, ironically decreasing as you become stronger.
Faxanadu item hourglass.png Hour Glass: Activating the Hour Glass will cause time to stop for the enemies for approximately 15 seconds. Using such black magic does not come for free however, as it drains half of your health. The Hour Glass does not affect bosses, although it does prevent them from shooting magic at you.
Faxanadu item elixer.png Elixir: As long as you possess an Elixir in your inventory, you need not fear death. As soon as you run out of health, the Elixir will automatically activate, restoring all of your health and your magic power. Each Elixir is only good for one use, and you may not carry more than one at a time.


Eack key is only good for one use and disappears after it is used to unlock a door. Furthermore, after you unlock a door, it immediately locks, requiring you to use another key to open it again.

Item Description
Faxanadu item key jack.png Jack Key: A key that opens many of the locked doors you will encounter early on in the game.
Faxanadu item key queen.png Queen Key: The key which will open many of the locked doors that you encounter in the middle of the game.
Faxanadu item key king.png King Key: The last key type that you will need to purchase in order to open locked doors near the end of the game.
Faxanadu item key joker.png Joker Key: The Joker Key is a special key that you cannot purchase. It must be found and used early in the game.
Faxanadu item key ace.png Ace Key: The Ace Key is another key that you aren't able to buy. It must be found and used later in the game.


Item Description
Faxanadu item ring elf.png Ring of Elf: In these troubled and dangerous times, even the King of the elves does not know who to trust. To indicate ones allegiance to the elf cause, one must wear this ring before receiving an audience with the king. It is obtained in a holy place.
Faxanadu item ring ruby.png Ruby Ring: The Ruby Ring endows its wearer with the ability to move stones which have been magically set in place and are otherwise unmovable. It is your reward for locating the lost fountain and it will allow you to open the path to Mascon.
Faxanadu item ring dwarf.png Ring of Dwarf: The door which leads to the dwarf controlled portion of the World Tree has been locked with magic. No key can open the door. Only the one who wears the Ring of Dwarf may break the spell and pass through it.
Faxanadu item ring demon.png Ring of Demon: The door to the final fortress in the game has been locked with a similar spell, and only a ring of cursed black magic will allow one to open it and enter the accursed Fortress Zenith.

Player items[edit]

These items are automatically in effect once you possess them.

Item Description
Faxanadu item magical rod.png Magical Rod: Holding the Magical Rod will make your magic ability more potent, increasing the strength of your spells by 150%.
Faxanadu item pendant.png Pendant: Possession of the pendant was intended to increase the holder's strength. However, due to a programming error, it actually decreases your strength. You will do less damage with your sword attacks once you obtain this item. Avoid this item unless you are looking for more of a challenge.
Faxanadu item black onyx.png Black Onyx: The Black Onyx surrounds you with a protective shield, reducing the amount of damage you receive from attacks by 10%.

Immediate items[edit]

The following items are items that take can be found in screens throughout the game, and take effect immediately upon collection.

Item Description
Faxanadu item glove.png Glove: Once you collect the glove, your attack power will increase dramatically for approximately 20 seconds.
Faxanadu item ointment.png Ointment: By touching the ointment, you will render yourself invulnerable, protected from physical harm by any enemy. You can literally run through them with no ill effect. Magic, however, still has the ability to harm you, so continue to block magic with your shield.
Faxanadu item poison.png Poison: Touching a vial of poison will drain a portion of your health. The effect is immediate and cannot be canceled. Though it looks like a Red Potion at first glance, it has a distinct color, and should be avoided.
Faxanadu item bread.png Bread: Bread is dropped by particular enemies when you defeat them. It will restore your health. While all breads look identical, they come in different sizes, restoring 8, 16, or 32 units of health depending upon the enemy that drops it. Pick it up before it disappears.
Faxanadu item coin.png Coin: Throughout the game, you will need to purchase items, equipment, and health restoration. To do so, you will need money. A majority of the enemies in the game, including bosses, drop money when defeated. It will bounce up and down, but it won't stay on the screen for long.