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Story mode[edit]

From the main menu, the main mode is the Story mode. This is described in full in the Walkthrough. The story mode contains several scenes, each of which is split into one or more minigames.

Memories mode[edit]

Once you have completed a minigame in Story mode it is saved into Memories mode. Here the games are harder as they are split into ten levels of hardness, like on the Hell difficulty of Story mode, but you only have the life. In some of the 29 games you can get ten stars, in others it's only one. There is a total 182 stars to get. These are used to unlock different outfits in your girl's wardrobe in Maniac mode.


The Option button on the main menu allows you to change the in-game language. Depending on which version of the cartridge you have, you will be able to play in one or more of Japanese, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.


The game is controlled entirely using the touch screen and the microphone. The Start button allows you to pause the game.