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Hidden Rabbits
On each of the cutscenes before the instructions to the game are given, there are hidden rabbits that can be found just by prodding the touch screen. There are nomally two for each game but there can be more. Look out for the sidebar on each walkthrough page because that'll show you where they are. For more information see the Extras page.

The Story mode is the bulk of the game, and consists of 18 different scenes, with between one and three minigames in each. Initially only Normal difficulty is available. Once Normal has been completed, Hard difficulty is unlocked, and once Hard is completed, Hell difficulty is unlocked.

There is a heart meter in each scene, representing your girl's feelings towards you. You have to get the meter to the maximum 100% in order to move onto the next scene. By completing minigames, you increase the percentage of the heart. The girls with find some of the minigames more entertaining than others. Failing a minigame results in the meter falling.

The story is that you meet a gorgeous girl in the city to whom you are instantly attracted. A member of the performance group "The Rub Rabbits" asks you to help them out in one of their performances, and the girl watches in amazement. But when the girl is kidnapped you must save her.