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The journey to the third elimination round takes place in the dark of night. Beyond that, it should not present any more of a challenge than the previous journeys. The basic thugs will be moving a bit more quickly now. Be prepared to knock them out. Also be on the look out for an increased number of floating demon heads. You can't defeat them with your fists or feet, but your Crescent Waves or the Dragon Scale barrier can knock them out. The fifth mini boss is the six armed floating demon. Use your pumped up Crescent Waves to attack safely from a distance.


Fighter ?[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Fighter Q.png

Fighter ? is a boxer just like Fighter X. However, he doesn't seem to be in the same league as Fighter X. He's not quite as fast, and doesn't have the same reach. He is, however, a bit stronger and does more damage. He actually exposes weak points much more often than any other fighter. Don't be surprised to see a blue target appear somewhere on his body more than once. And not too long after the match begins, you may even see the red star target. Hit it and knock him out very quickly.

Mongol Khan[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Mongol Khan.png

Mongol Khan is another professional wrestler like Zongerian. As a result, he has many of the same attacks. He has the devastating jumping knee attack, and he also has the grab move that Zongerian had. Remember that just before Khan attempts to execute this grab move, no target will appear on either one of your bodies. Therefore, if you notice that no target has appeared, be prepared to jump out of Khan's reach as quickly as possible. If in fact you are picked up, rock the direction pad left and right in an attempt to escape from his grip.

Lion Kid (Litron)[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Tusk Soldier3.png
Hiryu no Ken Lion Kid Info.png
Hiryu no Ken Lion Kid.png

Lion Kid (or Litron as he is also referred to in the American version), is a practitioner of a complicated martial arts. He has a series of special moves. In one case, he runs back and forth before launching himself head first at you, which is difficult to avoid. In another move, he runs back and forth before leaping up to the top rope, where he walks back and forth before jumping down towards you performing a spinning kick. And finally, he has a grab move which is telegraphed like other grab moves with the absence of a visible target.

If you discovered enough Juan panels, Juan will inform you that Litron is in fact one of the Tusk Soldiers, and it is this last grab move that is the key to revealing his true identity. Before you knock Litron out, you must allow yourself to get grabbed by Litron. As soon as this happens, you must then rock the direction pad left and right to break out of his grab. This will enrage Litron and cause him to reveal himself as a Tusk Soldier. He is just like all other Tusk Soldiers, but he has the ability to throw high projectiles as opposed to the low projectiles thrown by the first two Tusk Soldiers. When you defeat him, you will receive the Hiyaku-no Sho scroll, which will prevent your KO gauge from draining every time you execute one of your special attacks, such as the Hiryu no Ken, or the Crescent Wave attacks against Tusk Soldiers.