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Gauntlet NES generators.png

While some enemies already exist in the level, the majority appear from generators. These look like piles of bones or large blocks with skulls on the top. Enemies pour nonstop out of them. The two types of generators are shown to the left. Ghosts spawn from bones, while everything else spawns from blocks. Generators degrade when hit; the strongest generator is shown on the left and the weakest on the right.

Unlike monsters, generators take three hits of anything (including magic) to destroy regardless of what your character's attack or magic levels are. Each time it is hit it crumbles a little, and the monsters that spawn from it will be similarly weakened and take fewer hits to kill (although unlike the generator the monsters are easier to kill if your attributes are higher).

After three hits the generator is gone. Taking out generators the moment they appear onscreen is a good idea. Generators do not start producing enemies until they first appear onscreen, and production ceases if they are far enough off screen.


As a general rule, enemies on their own are not a problem, but be careful when going into places where swarms of enemies could trap you indefinitely.


Gauntlet NES ghost.png

Ghosts die upon contact, taking a sliver of your health with them. Grey ghosts take so little health they are little more than a distraction.


Gauntlet NES grunt.png

These enemies melee you. If you keep out of range and shoot them or blast them with magic they can't even touch you.


Gauntlet NES demon.png

These shoot fireballs. The weaker the demon the less damaging the fireball. These are the most dangerous standard enemy, however they can kill other enemies and even enemy generators, which can be handy.


These enemies constantly blink in and out of visibility. They cannot be damaged when invisible, and the varying visibility can make it hard to see how large a group of them is.


These enemies can throw rocks quite a distance, even over walls. They have no melee attack however, so once you get within about three tiles of them they will start running.


This ninja-like creature chases you and drains around 75 HP before vanishing. The only thing that can harm them are potions.

Acid Puddles[edit]

An import from Gauntlet II, these enemies crawl around randomly but don't attack you. They can't be killed by anything except potions. Unless you touch them they won't hurt you, so just avoid them.

Super sorcerers[edit]

They return from Gauntlet II for this version. They vanish, appear behind you and shoot you. Then they vanish again.