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Gauntlet- Forest World Map

The dark reaches of this Forest world are unknown to mortals. Rumors and fables abound. Most of what is known comes from the tales told of the ancient time when chaos rules. The clue is in a treasure chest.

Level 20[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 20

The chest in the bottom left corner contains Death.

Level 21[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 21

The bottom left corner exit leads to room 23. The top right leads to room 22.

Level 22[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 22

Note the extra attack potion upgrade in the southeast. The box in the top left corner contains poison; save your key.

Level 23[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 23

Level 24[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 24

In all treasure floors of this world, the wall below an array of 18 treasures can be broken for 6 more, and the cross on the right has more treasure boxes.

Level 25[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 25

The bottom exit leads to room 27. The top exit leads to room 26, the Clue Room.

Level 26[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 26

This is a Clue Room with a timer. The locked chest holds the clue. Hold right when using the teleporter to exit to room 27. Among the numerous lone false blocks in this room is one that will reveal an extra armor power-up.

Level 27[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 27

Level 28[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 28

Level 29[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 29

Level 30[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 30

Both upper exists skip room 31 to lead to room 32. The lower left exit leads to room 31; the lower right exit skips rooms 31 through 33 to lead to room 34.

Level 31[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 31

Level 32[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 32

Level 33[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 33

Level 34[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 34

The bottom exit leads back to room 30. The top exit leads on to room 36.

Level 35[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 35

Level 36[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 36

Level 37[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 37

Destroy the walls a single shot at a time to avoid accidentally destroying the extra speed potion upgrade, the most important upgrade of all. By the end of this level, you should have all five upgrades (levels 12, 15, 16, 22, and 37). It's best to play 1 player at least up to this point so you don't compete for the extra upgrade potions.

Level 38[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 38

The upper right exit takes you to 40. Thus you miss room 39, which has a speed upgrade potion.

Level 39[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 39

There is a speed upgrade in this room as well as in room 37.

Level 40[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 40

Forget the first chest which contains poison, but open the upper right one for a potion.

Level 41[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 41