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This takes place at a residential village being taken hostage.

  • Entrance
  1. Back-up: You need to take down the enemies before they end up flooding the village.
  2. Trap disarm: At the point when you reach a bomb, you need to memorise which wires to cut that's red, blue and yellow.
  3. Detain Hostages: As you shoot your through the normal way, you got to watch out for civilians that might appear out of nowhere.
  • Restaurant
  1. Dramatic Entry: You have a time limit depending on the difficulty on the level, you need to take out all enemies quickly before the time is up. Also worth noting the practice mode is this level without the reticle so try to memorise this level.
  2. Assault: This should be the least of your worries. You just shoot enemies popping up through the level but watch out for civilians.
  3. Give Cover: You have to keep your allies alive by taking down the enemies before they take them out. You'll fail if you react too slowly.
  • Outdoors
  1. Snipe: You have a time limit to shoot all the enemies from a distance. You need to be quick and accurate because if you fail to shoot all of them, you do lose some health depending on level difficulty.
  • Hotel
  1. Detain Hostages: For this stage, you have to hold A button (or Z button for the wii zapper) until it's confirmed that the civilian is cuffed and restrained. Just don't shoot the hostages by accident because you never know when it happens the first time you play this game.
  2. Terrorist Raid: This stage is the same without the civilians. So shoot to your hearts content.
  3. Smoke Grenade: This stage is the same with "Detain Hostages" but the visual is in thermal mode so you really need to make out the difference between civilians and enemies.
  • Boss: Alex Havoc.

You automatically used the rocket launchers so make sure you line-up the reticle with the helicopter so that the rockets could home at the target.