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Arcade and Party Mode[edit]

The branching storyline for each mission will be uniquely challenging. It's up to you to choose which direction you want to go throughout the mission. The places are marked, should you get totally lost, because the arcade missions runs at a quick pace. Also, the only way to get the levels up so you can open another branching path is to beat the boss. Failing to do so could stop you leveling up in difficulty which you will see at the beginning on both story mode and party mode.

Unlocking Guns, Clothes and Extras[edit]

Exclusive to this game unlike the arcade, you can choose what guns and clothes you are going to use in the game. That's if you be able to finish the game with all three missions completed because the more enemies you kill, the more you level up. Here is what you get unlock when you rank up when you play the game as many times as you can:

  • Level 3 - M4E Shotgun
  • Level 4 - Rank "PRIVATE FIRST CLASS"
  • Level 5 - P44M Handgun
  • Level 7 - CAC82, Costume "Desert"
  • Level 8 - Rank "SGT"
  • Level 10 - Rank "MASTER SERGEANT", Costume "Police"
  • Level 11 - TMV9 Handgun
  • Level 13 - Rank "WO"
  • Level 15 - Rank "CHIEF WWARRANT OFFICER", SAW24 Machinegun, Costume "Tough Guy"
  • Level 18 - Rank "2nd LIEUTENANT", Costume "Sky"
  • Level 19 - M45R Handgun
  • Level 20 - Rank "1st LIEUTENANT", Costume "WW2"
  • Level 23 - Rank "CAPTAIN", SPR11 Rifle, Costume "Cowboy"
  • Level 26 - PM6 Handgun
  • Level 27 - Rank "MAJOR"
  • Level 30 - Rank "LT. COLONEL", M94R Machinegun, Costume "Urban"
  • Level 32 - AR4A Machinegun
  • Level 34 - Rank "COLONEL", Guardian II Handgun, Costume "Virtua Cop"
  • Level 38 - Rank "BRIGADIER GENERAL", TR14 Machinegun, Costume "Future Warrior"
  • Level 40 - P4512 Handgun
  • Level 43 - Rank "MAJOR GENERAL", ABG1 Crossbow
  • Level 46 - TK1B Machinegun
  • Level 50 - Rank "LT. GENERAL", CPG7 Machinegun, Costume "Ninja"
  • Level 54 - G50 Machinegun
  • Level 60 - Rank "GENERAL", Guardian I Handgun, Costume "Panda"
  • Level 61 - M209 Handgun
  • Level 69 - SPR3 Rifle
  • Level 77 - MP10 Machinegun
  • Level 85 - SR308 Rifle
  • Level 93 - SG112 Shotgun
  • Level 99 - Rank "MARSHAL", XMW21 Machinegun, Costume "Gold"

You might get this right away if you play both modes the first time. Play Arcade Mode once unlocks Ninja Mode making the whole theme around Feudal Japan and your ammo is Ninja Stars except for the boss at the end of the missions. Party mode unlocks Paradise Mode. Its the same with the boss but the enemies is replaced by women in bikinis.

Power ups[edit]

In every arcade shooting game, you bound to places where you need to shoot a power up to see what effect it will use that will affect the mission.

  • First Aid Box: Increase the health bar.
  • Dot Sight: Helps you get a more accurate shot.
  • Extended Magazine: Doubles the ammo capacity and reload less frequently for a period of time.
  • Compensator: Accuracy of the shots increase by the power of the gun.
  • Armor: Extends the duration of the hits taken from the enemies.
  • Medal: Adds extra experience points.

Co-Operative/Party Mode[edit]

If you have more than one person playing this game, you'll be able to complete this game more quicker. Especially the Arcade Mode if you get tired of playing solo and having a hard time playing this game.