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This takes place in the jungle.

  • Hideout
  1. Snipe: Like Mission 1 outside the area, the idea is to shoot the enemies in a quick and accurate way.
  2. Assault: This is the same as snipe but without the time limit. You need to be quick with your reflexes as you shoot away against all the enemies in the first part of the stage.
  3. Thermalvision: You should choose "Assault" to take up this challenge. The hardest part of this challenge is to not shoot the civilians but shoot at the enemies holding them.
  4. Saved McCoy, Duel, Hand-To-Hand: This is chosen at random. Saved McCoy is hardly any challenge, Duel has a mix of enemies and civilians and Hand-To-Hand is aim for the targets.
  • Forest
  1. Knife Grapple: The last of all the Hand-To-Hand combat. Remember to aim for the targets.
  2. Ruin: This is the alternative path to the "River". You just need to be prepare to defend your allies when you reach the stage of "Give Cover" and go into the dark with "Flashlight".
  3. Flashlight: This plays back to Mission 2 in the Cargo. Remember to conserve the flashlight as it drains very quickly. So try and balance between killing enemies, using the flashlight and watch out for the civilians.
  4. Give Cover: If you played Mission 1 in the Restaraunt, this is made tougher but if you are quick with your reflexes, you'll be able to save your allies.
  5. Mine Defuse: Should you choose "Knife Grapple", you need to be quick with the A button or Z button for the wii zapper. That's as simple as rapidly tapping the button. Worse there's still more enemies to contend with so try to balance between the two.
  6. Stealth: If you choose "Knife Grapple" instead of "Ruin", you'll be familiar with this scenario which is similar to Mission 2 in the Cockpit, make sure you aim for "Safe" if you don't want to encounter a lot of enemies.
  • River.
  1. The River Battle: This is unlike all the other levels. You'll be shooting people on boats and on helicopters and you really need to use a machine gun that's capable of taking down more tougher enemies than before.
  • Boss: Dingo.

This is the toughest part of the game. You automatically acquire both grenades and machine gun and have to destroy the boat within the time limit. If you can take down the shields and the enemies behind it, the main boss should come out. There's two stages to taking him out. Firstly the shield is blocking between you and the boss so you have to take down the shield. When his shield is gone, you have very limited time to destroy the boss. Overall, you need to use combine the firepower of grenades and machine gun to be able to finish the game within the time limit.