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Amulet X3[edit]

Follow the path and Jump over the pyreflies, then jump back to activate the ambush. Turn off the urns then defeat the Cyclops Skeleton that appears to get the key to the door across the gap. This next part could be annoying if you had trouble with the last battle. If you did you will have to start over. After you beat the Lost, head down the rope. You will see the statue of Acus at the bottom but he won’t let you challenge him yet so head left, there is a challenge. If you don’t have a full blood meter, Use it to power up your Blood meter to Jupiter and then lose the challenge. Just south of you is a Jupiter Vase, break it for an Amulet. Then return to win the challenge.

Health Slot Challenge 9: Kill all enemies in 50 seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Continue left to challenge the statue of Kopis.

Full Health-Up Challenge: Kill all enemies in 110 seconds[edit]

Reward: Enable Full Health up Drops

Now, head through the open gate into a hall full of cocoons/eggs. Hit the last one as you pass it for an Amulet. The next area circles around itself. There is a Jupiter Vase just right of entrance with an Amulet. You will soon find a challenge circle in the wall as you pass.

Amulet Challenge 3: Kill all enemies in 75 seconds[edit]

Reward: Amulet

You’ll pass a blood meter refill skull and several more battles before get to a switch in a bone cage. Cross over the bridge it releases for a battle with a Fetter and an army of fire elementals. You can now either walk back or slide down the rope. At the bottom waits a challenge behind the locked gate.

Sword Challenge 3: Kill all enemies in 60 seconds with the sword[edit]

Reward: Ares - Warblade of Mars

Return to the caccoon/egg room, they will hatch. Kill them all and the door will open. Return to the statue of Aucus and challenge him.

Reflect Armor Challenge: Kill all enemies in 85 seconds[edit]

Reward: Enable Reflect Armor Drop

Run across the bridge for another Challenge.

Axe Challenge 3: Kill all enemies in 70 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Destructor – Axe of Devastation

Continue left to be locked in a room with 2 more challenges.

Axe Gauge Challenge 3: Kill all enemies in 75 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Axe Fight Gauge level 3

Gauntlets Challenge 2: Kill all foes in 90 seconds with the Gauntlets[edit]

Reward: Shears of Altropos

Cross the slender bridge to the lever. Battle the Lost and then pull the lever. Follow the path right as you battle until you find another challenge.

Health Slot Challenge 10: Kill all enemies in 70 seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Battle to the end until you release the lever from the cage. Pull it and head back the way you came and take the other path. You will have to smash all the vases you come to proceed. Do so and continue until you enter the last chamber with a lever and two more challenges.

Amulet Challenge 4: Kill all foes in 55 seconds[edit]

Reward: Amulet

Health Slot Challenge 11: Kill all foes in 60 seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Pull the lever and jump off the right ledge to the door below. Just outside to the left is another cocoon/egg with the final Emperor’s Coin. Follow the path until you are ambushed by three fetters in a close quarter fighting area with a blood meter refill. After you defeat one, smaller enemies start appearing making even less room to fight. This is the hardest fight in the game in my opinion just because of the small fighting area and the strength of their attacks, its one of the few places I had trouble. If you can keep your hits going and keep your fight gauge high it becomes an easier battle. When its over walk up the fallen bridge for a battle with 2 more. Keep fighting your way to open the gate by the hole in the wall.

As you trigger the Cyclops skeletons you will find an Amulet in the Jupiter Vase to the right of the large window. This is your last one. Keep fighting skeletons as you climb the stairs to the Boss Chamber.

Boss: Deimos - God of Terror[edit]

She will surround herself in darkness and float around just like her brother, but instead of direct attacks, she will summon creatures to fight you. You have to release the power of the urn in the center with the power of Pluto to make light beam down. Then hit her into it when she rest. After you knock her in once she will start calling stronger foes until you knock her in again, regaining another part of Rome’s Life force as she retreats.


Go to the Emperor’s head by the Rome area and place the coins. It will open a new challenge in the Abode of the lost. You can find it just past Amulet challenge 3, in the rock face right by the bridge.

Gauntlets Gauge Challenge 4: Kill all foes in 60 seconds with Gauntlets[edit]

Reward: Final Gauntlet Gauge

You can also place your Talismans with the Head by the Lost area. It will open a new challenge in the Titan Stronghold. You can find it in the room with the lightning barrier on the left wall.

Axe Gauge Challenge 4: Kill all Enemies in 119 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Final Axe Gauge

After placing all of the collectable treasures a tablet appears on the center platform. You will be able to choose a challenge to receive an ultimate version of your favorite weapon. Either

Axe Challenge 4: Kill all enemies in 100 seconds with the axe[edit]

Reward: Annihilation

Sword Challenge 4: Kill all enemies in 90 seconds with the Sword[edit]

Reward: Invictus Gladius – Sword of Vengeance

Gauntlet Challenge 4: Kill all enemies in 50 seconds with the Gauntlet[edit]

Reward: Olympus Cleavers