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Introduction: Rome[edit]

This is a very straightforward training level. Just follow the paths by following the prompts to jump, rope slide and eventually pull a lever as you defeat enemies at stations along the path. You will eventually come to your first champion (have black health bars). Defeat him then continue to the coliseum where your last set of battles for this level will take place. You will fight two champions here.

Elysium: Gateway Hub[edit]

You will meet Romulus and Remus, told the task you are to complete and given your starting weapon, the Gladius. The nearby crystal will be your first challenge.

Herculean Challenge: Kill all enemies in 100 seconds[edit]

Reward: Strength of Hercules

You will fight against the foes you just met in the introduction level so this is not a difficult battle. You receive the Strength of Hercules power in this challenge. This will make you move faster and hit harder while it last. It will also allow you to break the various chest and barrels with the red fist icon on them.