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When in Rome, the levels are even more straight forward than the other levels. Defeat the waves of gladiators then head up the stairs. The right hall will exit the level while the left one will progress. You will find a challenge circle as you pass.

Gauntlets Challenge 3: Kill all foes in 100 seconds with Gauntlets[edit]

  • Reward: Hades Gauntlets

Jump off the floor to the left to continue. Jump to the left and pull the lever. It will snap off and you will be attacked. Defeating these will lower the gate to Charon’s Boat. You cant use it as you can’t pay the ferryman, so continue over the boat to the other side. Place the lever in the stand here to start another ambush. Defeat them for the key to the door on the left of the area. (other side of Charon’s ferry) You will see a challenge on your left as soon as you enter this area.

Gauntlet Gauge Challenge 3: Kill all foes in 100 seconds with gauntlets[edit]

  • Reward: Gauntlet Fight Gauge level 3

You will a few paths you can’t take yet, a door and a bridge, head down the ramp next to the bridge to continue. Defeat these enemies for a key to the door you passed. Pull the lever there to lower the bridge. Fight until you get another key, which will unlock the door nearby. Pull that switch to raise a jump beam. Follow the path on the other side of the beam to fight for another key to unlock another gate to a lever. It will lower a bridge. Use the blood meter refill skull and smash the Herculean vases here to get Charon’s Coin and activate another ambush. Repel the attack then return to Charon’s Ferry and use the coin. On the other side of the ride, challenge the Tigris Statue.

Invincibility Challenge: Kill all foes in 85 seconds[edit]

  • Reward: Enable Invincibility Drops

Pass through the now open door. You will now face a metal works version of Cerberus. Defeat the Gladiators that come out of the heads until you get a key. Unlock the door to the gears and smash the weak support. The second set of enemies will cause a gate guarding a lever to fall. Pull it to lower the gate to another weak support. Defeating the enemies from the third head will automatically drop the gate to the final weak support. A door to the right of the lock will open revealing another challenge.

Health Slot Challenge 12: Kill all foes in 60 seconds[edit]

  • Reward: Final Health Slot Increase

Walk over the head and leap across and through the door to the next area. Defeat all the enemies to get a key to the gate. Once you get to the bottom you will find 2 locks to the left and a lock and three levers to the right. Pull each lever to get an ambush and a key reward. Use the three keys to unlock and raise the three jump beams. Once all three beams are raised return to the top and jump over the gaps to another battle and the door to proceed. Pull the lever and then take the left or right path after crossing the spiked rail. I’m heading Right. The blades will start up again as you pass. Kill all the gladiators for a key to the cage around the lever. Pull it to stop the blades and you'll break it off and take it with you. Place the lever into one of the empty slots near the blades to unlock one of the spike guards to final area. Head back to the start and go down to the left to another area where you will do the same thing. Now finally take the path to the left to do it one last time. After setting the third lever, return down the left path to exit to the final area.

Boss: Deimos – God of Terror[edit]

Just like her brother she has gained one new power for this fight. She can not steal your health from you when she gets up from a rest only if you don’t hit her. So be sure and hit knock her down each time she rest. You will have to use the power of Jupiter to activate the urn things here. But once they are all activated the light only remains for a few minutes. So make sure you wait until she is about to rest before hitting the third one. You can not summon the light on her while she is resting, you must make it appear and then hit her into it. (this could be because the cinematic of the light appearing the first time keeps it from doing so, I never tried it on the second cycle. So if it works when you try it, great!) The level will reset and you have to do it one more time.

You get the last piece of Rome’s Life force.