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When you start Episode Two you should see a torch on either side, <USE> your lighter to light one and pick it up. Next use your <FIST> to punch the two zombies in the room - they are easily defeated, and walk over to the left of the room. There is a stone between the 3rd and 4th `coffins' which you can push with <ACTION> to open the door on the far side of the room. <RUN> to the door before it closes.

In the next room you will find four stones.

  1. a triangular one on the left, I shall call that stone 1.
  2. a square stone on the right.
  3. a roundish stone on the right.
  4. a roundish stone on the middle pillar on the left.

You will not need stone 3. Place stone 4 on the left pillar, stone 1 on the middle pillar and stone 2 on the right pillar. (the logic behind this might have to do with the height of each pillar. I am not sure myself - I just tried all combinations until I found the right one).

After placing the stones a bridge will appear toward the other side, cross the bridge and [SAVE].

E2 - Underground Passage[edit]

Walking along you will come across a door behind a pit of fire, press <ACTION> near one of the posts on either side of the door to attach a torch to it. Now run back to the save point and grab the torch on the other side of the wall, again use <ACTION> to attach the torch to a post to unlock the door.

Open the next door by pressing <ACTION> near the cross to the right of the door, this turns out to be an elevator.

NOTE: there is also a secret door a bit further along on the left wall, but there is now way to open it right now.

After arriving in the church press <ACTION> to play a tune on the organ and you will find some [AMMO].

When you have talked to the ghost on the other side of the church and opened the door with <ACTION> you will be outside again. Walk towards the camera to be attacked by a monster - as with the bird you don't have to kill it - you can outrun it if you want.

Run along and press <ACTION> to open the wooden gates. To be attacked by yet another monster - you'll be happy to know that this one leaves before you get a chance to fight it.

Follow the path to a mansion, enter it and [SAVE].

E2 - Asylum[edit]

                                               _____   _
                                              |     | | |
                                              |     | |_|
         ___                                  |     |
      __|   |___        ___   ___   _____   __|     |
     /__     __ \      |   |_|   |_|     |_|        |
   //   |___|  \ |     |    _  H  _       _   frogs |
 _||_     ____/ /___   |___| |___| |     | |________|
|    |   |____   _  |   ___   ___  |     |  ___   ___
|_   |        | | | |  |   |_|   |_|     |_|   |_|   |
  |  |__      |_| | |  |    _     _       _     _    |
  |  |  |         | |__|___| |___| |     | |___| |___|
  |  |__|         |______|_   ___  |     |  ___   ___
 _|__|                 |   |_|   |_|     |_|   |_|   |
|   |                  |    _     _       _     _    |
|___|                  |___| |___| |     | |___| |___|
                                   |_   _|
    H = Herman              _________|#|_______________
    S = [SAVE]             |               |           |
    F = file cabinet       |               |   garden  |
    M = map                |   Asylum      |           |
    f = fountain           |               #    /~\    |
    s = sprinklers         |               |   ( O )   |
    # = door               |               |    \_/    |
              _________    |               |           |
             |         |___|          _____|_          |
             |  |______|             |       |     __  |
       +-->  |  \______|             #       |  __|  \_|_
       |     \_________#             |      _| |_____/ | |
       |               |___    ______|_____|s______|__f| |
     guard room            |##|                    |_____|
                           |  |
             _____    _____|##|_____________
            |     |  |              |  |  | |
            |F    |  |              |  |  # |
            |     |  |     ____     |  |  |_|
            |     |  |    |    |    |  |  | |
            |nurse \_|    #    #    |     | |
            |________#    |    |    #      \|
                     |    |    |    |___    | <- library
                     |    |    |    |   |M  |
                     |____|   S|____|   |___|

Walk to the area I have labeled `nurse' on the map. A nurse will attack you and take your gun, so you will have to defeat her with your <FIST>. After throwing her out of the window press <ACTION> on the file cabinet a few times to learn that Pavlov was last seen near the library, and that he stole a key. Walk behind the desk and press <ACTION> on it to open a drawer, press <ACTION> again to take the key. Press <ACTION> on the books twice to get a music book.

Now go to the library and have a look at the map. You will notice that there is a secret area behind some of the books, turn around and walk to the nearest books, you should find a book which sticks out from the other books. Press <ACTION> to pull it back and open the secret door, walk into the secret room and you will find Pavlov. However, he is not very helpful right now.

Go to the double doors and unlock them with the key you got from the nurse, you will be attacked by two mad guards, probably best to use your <FIST> to defeat them.

Try the door on your right to find out it is locked. Press <ACTION> on the window next to it to find out it hasn't been cleaned in a while :), press <FIST> to break the glass and press <ACTION> to enter this room.

Gather all the medicines throughout the room and have a look at the charts, also note their colors. (Reprinted here for your convenience).

Patient Treatment Disease
Tchecky Sadocan (yellow pills) ...iculating Dementia
Herman Quarlax (green pills) ...ronic Schizophrenia
Gunter Chromal V... (red pills) Debilita... Euphor...
Voslov Bromal (blue pills) Chicken Syndrome

You will notice there are three patients in the room, and four charts on the wall and you now have five different colour pills in your inventory. So the white pills must be for Pavlov, head to the library to find out. Pavlov will you give you a key.

(now might be a good time to [SAVE] again).

Go back to the room where you got the pills. You can give the other patients their pills now to stop them wandering around, there does not seem to be any other use for it though.

Try the door on the far side of the room to find out it is locked, use the door to the right to enter the garden. Walk over to the other side of the garden, behind the small building you will find a valve or something in a corner (marked "f" on the map). Press <ACTION> on it to activate the fountain, a letter will appear in the water, press <ACTION> on it to take it. <USE> the letter to find out it is probably written with invisible ink.

UPDATE: Lost Johnny was the first to write me on how to read the letter:

"Just <USE> it in front of the fireplace in the first room of the asylum (the room with the save point in it). The heat of the fire will turn the ink visible. Peter's letter reveals how the angel statues have to be adjusted in order to open the entrance to the underground corridor which leads to the exit of Episode 2."

Go back inside and enter the door to the guard room. Again use your <FIST> to defeat the mad guard and press <ACTION> on the lever at the end of the room. This will unlock the door towards the next hallway. Go back and open that door, to find yourself in a hallway where you can hear a lot of frogs.

Enter the last door on the left to find Herman, give him his pills to learn about an old man behind the walls. (btw, wash your hands if you take a dump on any of these toilets :).

Enter the last door on the right and you will be attacked by a giant frog creature. <RUN> to the end of the room and press <ACTION> to grab the pipe, now walk under the giant frog and press <ATTACK>. Hellboy will drop the pipe after this, so press <ACTION> again to pick it up from the floor. Repeat until the frog is dead. You are now the proud owner of a useful pipe.

Exit this room and enter the second room on the left. <USE> the pipe on the fan on the back of the room to break it, and press <ACTION> to enter the new hole.

You will find yourself in a room with four pillars on which statues of angels point towards the end of the room.

Leave the far left pillar as it is, and press <ACTION> on the far right pillar to point it towards the right. Press <ACTION> twice on the bottom right pillar and press <ACTION> three times on the bottom left pillar so that all the statues look in a different directions, this should open the door at the top of the room.

Walk towards the end of the corridor, open the door and keep walking. At the next door use the key you got from Pavlov to unlock the door and you will find the old man Herman was talking about.