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Music Books[edit]

The purpose of the music books is still not entirely clear, but here is some information.

Lost Johnny writes

Well, I'm not really sure, but I found out that you can <USE> at least the first book with the organ in the church. Hellboy will then play a nice little tune (this won't open the place where the ammo box is hidden, though) ... definitely not essential for solving the game, I'd say. ;-)

Martin writes

I don't know what the first music book is for, when I used it at the church organ nothing happened. The second one I couldn't use at first, but after I defeated the Inquisitor snake monster I used it at the organ and played some rockin' tune after which a monk came out of the sacristry and told me to keep quiet!


One of the developers of the Hellboy game has written this guide's original author (Kuno Woudt: an email which clears up many things. Here is most of the email received from Mr. Strange:


I thought I'd give a few insights into exactly what we were thinking about various bits.


  1. Difficult fighting - there were some places where we expected folks to fight, and some places where we expected them to run. After reading your FAQ, it became clear to me that these distinctions were not clear. For example, you are NOT supposed to fight the Small Kanis after you exit the church. I hope you didn't try to fight him more than once or twice, as that fight is essentially impossible. On the other hand, you did not mention the quick way to defeat the Giant Kanis at the top of the tower, which is to hit him and then run around to his back and strike the large hump there. Perhaps you used that strategy and simply did not write it up? If you fought him the hard way, you did quite a bit of extra work.
  2. The man you see who always runs through locked doors in the old monastery, and who eventually turns into the giant snake-demon is the Inquisitor. That didn't seem to be clear in your FAQ, and to be fair it wasn't all that clear in the game.
  3. That object you use to reflect the light beam is supposed to be a shiny shield, not a plate.
  4. You didn't mention using the music books at either of the organs. Those music books were slipped in the game by a rogue designer, so I don't recommend actually enjoying whatever happens. I cencored the original dialogue, which was even worse.
  5. I was pleased that you figured out the "Get the Small Kanis trapped between the tree and the wall" trick. We used that all the time.
  6. Fun fact, you need not pick up your gun at the start of episode 4. If you do not, the ending battle of that episode is slightly different.
  7. Going backwards, those four stones - that was my puzzle, and it has to do with the relative mass of those shapes. The goal is to get all three pillars to the same height. I'm sorry if that didn't work for you.
  8. When you return to the asylum, and enter the small office to unlock the bunker, there are papers which indicate that Kalin has been running the asylum in the present day. That was important to me.
  9. If you have your gun, you can kill the little bugs quite easily in the sewers. Of course, more just come, so it's probably not worthwhile.
  10. Since you encourage folks to save before throwing the pipe into the gears, why not encourage them to try jumping in before they throw?
  11. I'm glad you picked up on the significance of Hellboy's horns growing back.
  12. I've made it to the end, and it seems that some folks figured out the music books after all. I'm sorry for them.