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Take your gun before you leave the room. Follow the corridors to the room with the statues. Carefully walk around the statues so that they cannot see you (they will come to life and attack you with their axe if they do). Leave the room to go back to the asylum.

Back at the asylum you can climb through the window again, and this time grab some red pills and [SAVE].

E4 - Asylum Recreation Room[edit]

Climb out of the window again and walk towards the garden, before going out you will find Herman sitting on a bench. Press <ACTION> to talk to him, and <USE> the red pills on him after that. Take the key and go outside.

If you try to turn the valves you will find out there is no water. Walk to the gates and press <ACTION> to open them (they were locked in Episode Two). Walk along and use the key you got from Herman to unlock the door. Enter, and press <ACTION> to pull the lever next to the desk. Leave the room and go back to the garden. The lever you pulled has unlocked the small building, so enter it.

In the building, you will see three control panels of some kind, and a blood stained table. On either side of this table is a button, first press the one left of the table, then press the other one. Walk over to the control panels and press <ACTION> near the left one, Hellboy will read "System Ready". Then press <ACTION> near the middle panel and Hellboy will be captured by two mad scientists or something. Walk over to the last panel and press <ACTION> to summon an elevator, enter it.

Just ignore the switches and whatnot for now, and walk right up to a door. If you try to open it Hellboy will say the water pressure is too high. To fix the water supply for the fountain and sprinklers adjust the switches in this room. Make sure all cylinders are `up'. Also turn the red valve thing next to the first switch just in case. Now, find your way back to the garden and open the valves to turn on the fountain and the sprinklers.

Now you will be able to open the door downstairs. After you enter that door you will find yourself in some kind of pipe, follow it and you will come across a bridge which you cannot lower from this side.

Walk along to the right, open the door and walk straight ahead to the next door. Enter it and you will be attacked by a 3 legged monster, just <RUN> around it and [SAVE].

E4 - Sewers[edit]

For the rest of this Episode I will refer to the map below:

               ___| __|    S =[SAVE], A =Ammo, #= Door, H= Health
              |   MB|
              |_   _|      L = little guy trapped in force field
                |c|        X = Just don't jump in here, ok?
                | |        W = Wheel you cannot pass
                |#|       MB = mother bug
                | |____    3 = large 3 legged creatures
                \____  \   c = small annoying bug-like creatures
                     | |   B = Bridge
                _____| |_____
               |             |
           ____|  :^^   ^^:  |______
          /  __     hole      ____  \
          | |  |  :..   ..:  |    | |
          | |  |_____   _____|    | |   ________
          | |________| |_____     | |__|      L |
          |  ________   ___  \    \____#___   __|
          | |________| |   | |          ___|#|____
          \__________  |   | |_        |H  3      |
              _______| |   \__A|       |_____ 3 __|
             /  _______/                 __  | |
  ___________| |   ________________     / A| |W|
 /  ___   ___  |  /  ______   ___  \____| |  | |
 | |   | |   | |  | |      | |   |  ____  |  |#|
 | |___| |   | |__| |______| |_  | |    | |  | |
 \_____  |   \__________   __  \ | |____| |__| |__
       | |___           | |  |A| |  ____________  \
       \___  \          | |______| |            | |
           |c|          \__________/    |#|     |#|    ____
           | |  ___                     |B|_____| |___|    |
           |#|_|H  |                    |  ___#__ __#_  3 S|
           |_      | <---+              |#|      X    |____|
             |     |     |              | |___
             |___S_|     |              \___  \
                         |                  | |
         elevator room --+                  |#|

First locate "MB" on the map and go there. While you are running through the sewers you will be constantly attacked by annoying little bugs, you cannot kill them so just <RUN> along and ignore them.

When you arrive you will see a huge ugly bug-like creature giving birth to the annoying little bugs. Notice that she raises her head when she spits out a baby. Walk over to the head and wait for her to raise it. Use your <FIST> on the baby bugs which swarm around you but always stay pointed at the head so you can <RUN> underneath it once she raises her head. Press <ACTION> on the old equipment to activate it, which kills the mother bug.

Now locate the little guy on the map and go to that room. Walk over to the left switch and press it seven times to line up the holes in the three discs. You should now have power on the second switch, press it three times to line it up with the bar above it. Now walk back to the first switch and press it seven times to line it up with the second disc and the bar above it. Walk over to the third switch and press it three times. The bar should now fall into the holes in the discs and release the little guy.

Exit the room through the door you have not been through yet, and grab the [HEALTH] if you think you need it. Walk towards the spinning weel (marked W on the map), avoid the creatures and press <ACTION> near the opened plate to stop the wheel from spinning. Pass under it and follow the map to the elevator room.

(if you have not killed the mother bug the creatures marked "c" on the map will not let you pass and you will not be able to reach the elevator room).

Press the switch and grab the [HEALTH] before you [SAVE].

E4 - Elevator Room[edit]

Leave the elevator room and walk back to the bridge. The little guy will crawl out of the vents and lower the bridge for you. Walk over to the other side and open the door. Now <RUN> along the corridors, and avoid the electric sparks by hiding in the spaces in the walls.

After a while you should reach the elevator (the elevator switch here does not work, which is why you needed to go to the elevator room to raise the elevator).

Walk along and press <ACTION> to pick up the big wrench at the end of the room. Now go back to the first save point in the sewers (the one with the annoying 3 legged creature in the room), after you have saved leave the room and have a look at the green pipe which is marked "X" on the map. Press <USE> to throw the wrench in the pipe, after throwing the wrench in it is safe to press <ACTION> a few times to make Hellboy jump into the pipe.

Open the door ahead (the one on the right is locked) and walk along to find Sara, or is it Kalin?

Avoid Kalin's blasts and after he has teleported a few times he should stay where he is long enough to fight him with your <FIST>. You should not have any trouble killing him this way. Grab his staff in the middle of the room before leaving the room. (don't forget to press <ATTACK> to try the staff, you will notice it will need a little time to recharge after each blast).

Hellboy will unlock the door to the right, which is Episode Five.