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Judging from the horns which grew back, you are in Hell. Follow the path to the first talon. Closely watch the cycle in which it hammers on the ground (it hammers twice, waits a short while, hammers again, waits a bit longer, and then it starts over). <RUN> underneath the talon when it is safe, and <RUN> along to the left. You will encounter a creature from hell which looks remarkably similar to the zombies which you have seen before, so use your <FIST> do defeat it. Select the staff and press <ACTION> to insert it in the pentagram on the floor. This will paralyse the first talon and allow you to move along the path. Repeat this for the next three talons. (the cycle for when a talon hammers and when it waits is different for each of them, so watch closely, also watch the smaller tentacles closely and you will be able to <RUN> by them without being harmed).

When you have paralysed all legs you will be able to reach Sara. Walk over to her to end the game.