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Box artwork for Hustle.
Developer(s)Gremlin Industries
Publisher(s)Gremlin Industries
Year released1976
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Hustle marquee

Hustle is an arcade game, released by Gremlin Industries in 1976 and licensed to Taito Corporation for the Japanese manufacture and distribution; it runs upon an Intel 8080 microprocessor (running at 2.079 MHz), and is a second two-player version of their own Blockade (which was released earlier in the year). This time, both players have ninety seconds in order to run into boxes then gain their point values - and in a one-player game, running into the CPU opponent, the walls, or your tail will get you a penalty. But forcing your opponent to do this in a two-player game will award you extra points; and when this game was licensed to Taito Corporation for Japanese manufacture and distribution, it was released as part of their third "Taitronics T.V." series. The other titles were: Acrobat (Exidy's Circus), Ball Park (is Midway's Tornado Baseball), Ball Park II (Midway's Double Play), Midway's Blue Shark, Cross Fire, Fisco 400, Flying Fortress II, Gunman, Meadows's Gypsy Juggler, Interceptor, Missile-X (Midway's Guided Missile), Road Champion, Gremlin's own Safari, Space Invaders, Cinematronics's Space Wars, Speed Race, Sub Hunter, Super Block and Super Highway - and Midway later went on to do a sequel to the sixteenth of these games in 1979 named Super Speed Race before Taito went on to do their own sequel to it named Super Speed Race Junior in 1985 (which was only released in Japan). This was also the last of the three variants of Gremlin's first arcade game that they released.