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NHN Corporation
NHN Corporation's company logo.

NHN, based in South Korea, is a company that is disputed as being both a game publisher and game developer (no substantial evidence suggests they develop the games). It owns and runs websites to distribute its games and others and to provide other non-game related services. These websites are:

Please note that on each website, NHN is accredited as the copyright holder at the bottom of the homepage.

American game portal Ijji is used for game publishing for English speaking gamers while covers Japanese. Each game portal does not mimic another, meaning they often have different games and different versions of the same games.

NHN's international names are:

  • NHN Corporation
  • NHN USA Inc.
  • NHN Japan Corporation


Hangame (ハンゲーム in Japanese) is the original NHN game portal in the native Korean language. It has spawned two clones, ijji and which have branched NHN internationally.


Ijji Logo.png

ijji is the North American English version of Hangame, hosted in California, for several Korean developed games (see list for such). It allows registered players to download and play their games via Internet Explorer and their website (probably to aid in anti-hacking, common with GunBound) for free; although in game benefits are available for players who purchase G coins with real money. G coins can then be converted into in game currency (such as cash in GunBound).

Games published by NHN[edit]

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  • Gunster entry, translated by


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